Hello world!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Jeremiah and Sarah Costello family blog, dubbed ‘House of Costello’!

In our blog, we hope to chronicle our weekly trials, triumphs, and times in raising our young children and daily life in general.  We also hope to discuss some topics that are important to us and our family.

A little about our ‘House’:   Jeremiah and Sarah were married in July 2006 after dating for 7 years! Sarah then attended physical therapy school and Jeremiah worked and coached high school cross country. Sarah graduated from PT school and our first blessing was born 1 month later, in June 2009.  Gabriel is now almost 3 and a fantastic little man. He is very into trains, fire trucks, ‘bombines’, and being and doing everything like his dad.  Our 2nd miracle arrived in April 2011.  Lucy is now 1 and is a very sweet little girl, who loves to imitate her mom, explore the sandbox, and drag around her babies.  We feel very blessed to have the family that we do, and hope to be entrusted with raising several more children!  Jeremiah’s current endeavors include: 1) working at Pride of the Wapsi growing yummy produce 2) taking classes at St Ambrose University in hopes of becoming a high school teacher (graduation May 2013!!) 3) coaching high school cross country (starting his 10th season!) and 4) being super dad 🙂  Sarah is a full time physical therapist at Eastern Iowa Physical Therapy and is an aspiring domestic diva/crunchy mama extrordinaire! 

Some things about ‘Costello’s’: We enjoy the outdoors, running, being active, learning about and being active in our Catholic faith, spending time with our cherished families, working on our ‘5- and 10- year plans’, and spending as much time as we can with our children!

We hope you enjoy reading about our ‘House’!

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