Who would want to spend 4 days with 12 women in 2 15-passenger vans running 200 miles? ME!!!

That’s exactly what I did this past weekend.  Our team of 12 (Team EIPT) started in Madison,WI and traveled to Chicago, IL ON FOOT.  That’s right, we all ran 3 legs of the relay, beginning at 8 am Friday morning, and ending 1:21pm Saturday afternoon.  Yes, we ran overnight. Yes, we all slept for less than 2 hrs.Yes, people got lost. Yes, there was a lot of sweaty people everywhere.  Yes, we had a GREAT time! It’s amazing how much you learn about people after running with them for 29 hrs straight.  I met some fabulous women over that weekend and had a lot of great laughs.  Will we be undertaking Ragnar 2013 in Minnesota? Time will tell……. 😉

2 thoughts on “Ragnar-mania!

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