A glimpse into our day…..

Many days, I crawl into bed around 10:30pm and think to myself, ‘ wow, what a day.’  Sometimes I really can’t even remember what happened during the earlier part of the day. So today, on my Wednesday off, I decided to chronicle what it is that we actually DO all day. Keep in mind that I am currently working 4-10 hr days, so Wednesdays are precious days off for the kids and myself! GO!

6:30am- I awake to realize that Jeremiah has stealthily left for work without waking me (thank you, dear!) and also that Lucy is shrieking from her room across the hall. Before I can reach her in my sleepy stupor, Gabriel has also gotten out of bed. Downstairs we go, with G asking to watch ‘dora-dora’. I put it in and get the kids something to munch on. Normally we eat at the table, but today I was feeling especially groggy and tired, so we hung out on the couch.

7am-Lucy was quite clingy and fussy, as she has a recent ear infection. I give her amox and get her dressed, put her in Ergo carrier so I can get soemthing done with my hands! Got the rest of us dressed, fold clothes, put away clothes, change sheets and get the washer going.

8am- Lucy is so crabby I realize she might need an early nap. I lay her down and G and I venture outside as he can hardly stand seeing daylight and not being able to be outside. We play with trikes, venture up and down the sidewalk on our block at least 15 times pulling red wagon behind trike and me riding on back of trike. Color with sidewalk chalk, call bank, put together diapers, observe long grass that needs to be cut, put on to-do list.  Play in sandbox and answer call to ‘build me road, mom’. check email and fb on quick trip into house. Get G numerous snacks, put 4 loads of laundry on the line as they are done washing. Put dishes away from dish strainer.

10am- L wakes up much happier, venture outside to continue playing. Put 1 more load of laundry on the line, play in sandbox more.

10:45am- Administer nebulizer to Lucy for coughing. (this is a fairly frequent happening in our house, as everytime Lucy gets a cold she gets terrible chest congestion and coughing)

11:15am-Leave for Tipton.

11:30am- Arrive at Tipton library for Lunch Bunch, a weekly program for their summer reading program. (**Side note: I cannot say enough good things about the Tipton library.  They have fantastic programs, classes, movies, books, books on CD, and cake pans! The staff is fabulous and we are there weekly!)  Get free lunch, librarian reads 3 storybooks, complete scavenger hunt and bubble extravaganza.

12:30-Stop at grocery store and public health in Tipton, to get both kids tested for lead. (Gabriel has tested a little high 2 times and we continue to get them tested yearly)

1:30pm-Return home and lay Lucy down as she fell asleep in the car on the way home. Coax G upstairs for nap, after he first needs a drink, a snack, a toy for his bed. Toddlers…… 

1:45pm-G walks downstairs and declares ‘no mo night night’. Return G to his bed and insist he must take at least a rest, even if he doesn’t sleep. Make myself some lunch.

2pm-G comes downstairs again, seemingly fully awake and full of energy. I guess 30 mins of rest is enough today for him. Quiet time enforced as G watches ‘Charlotte’s Web’ curled up on the couch.  Write blog, wash dishes, talk to sister on phone, sort mail, sweep dining room, kitchen, bathroom. Mop. Think about starting dinner so it’s ready. Decide to sit on couch for a few minutes instead….. pick up living room and toys with kids’ help.

4:00pm- Decide I should probably do something about this dinner situation, so G helps me make 2 pans of enchiladas and homeade fruit snacks-new recipe. ( http://www.sixsistersstuff.com/2012/06/homemade-jello-fruit-snacks-recipe.html ) gotta love pinterest!  G is not acting very well (thank you, no nap…) and we have several instances where I have to be the Enforcer between G & L, G & potty, G & manners, etc etc. He seems to have no concept of the potty if he is a) too tired or b)at home. But that’s another whole blog post in inself…..

5:00pm-L wakes up from her nap (*gasp* 3 1/2 hrs!!) Call J wondering when he will be home. He states it will be later than expected, he ran into some hangups at work.  Must continue to be the Enforcer to G…

5:30pm-Trying to get anything accomplished becomes quite the task, as G is having meltdowns and potty accidents left and right. L is still not too content, and wants to be held nonstop.  Behold, the Ergo carrier!!!

6:00pm-Enchiladas are done. G has meltdown about type of cup used for dinner. L and myself eat; G eats 2 bites and goes off and has another potty accident. *sigh*

6:30pm-G is in bed. Normal bedtime is 8:30pm; as you can see he was not doing too well in the behavior department.

6:40pm-G is asleep. What a bear.  L and I take 5 loads of clothes off the line, water flowers, play in the sandbox, pick up various children’s toys strewn about the yard from the day.

7:00pm-Get L ready for bed, medicine, clean up dinner.

7:30pm-J gets home, kisses L goodnight. I put L to bed, she is out almost instantly also, despite her 5 1/2 hr naps today. J eats, we talk about babysitting schedules, date nights (or lack of!), G’s behavior today, weekend, delicious enchiladas. 🙂 

8:00-J leaves to attend to moving our Mustang out of a relative’s machine shed. I fold laundry, laundry, and more laundry while catching a little ‘Modern Family’. Hilarious!

8:30pm-Put clothes away (or at least get the baskets close to designated room) and listen to little ones sleeping in beds. I miss them already 😦  Pack diaper bag, workout bag, lunch, lay out clothes for tomorrow morning (yes, I’m a planner).

9:00pm-Shower, eat much deserved ice cream (yum!!) Veg on couch for a short time. Watch a little ‘Duets’. Good show!

10:00pm-Go upstairs to bed, but wait, I still have to put sheets on.  Grr. One of my least favorite tasks. Unhappily put sheets on, read Parents magazine and Book 2 of Hunger Games.


Sometime after 10:20pm- J returns home from moving car.

What a day!!!!

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