‘Mommy, ride the choo choo?’

‘Mommy, ride the choo choo?’ How many times do you think one little boy can utter this phrase in a short amount of time?  MANY.

About 6 weeks ago I bought tickets for our family to ride on the steam locomotive that the Durant Fire Department was sponsoring from Durant to West Liberty. It was (conveniently) taking place 1 day prior to Gabriel’s 3rd birthday, and I thought it would be a fun present for him. Gabriel was with me when I bought the tickets, and he thought that meant we were riding that train immediately. You know how kids’ sense of time is…….

So after weeks of Gabriel asking when we were going to ride the train, the day finally came. We had had a very eventful weekend and the kids slept up until the moment we needed to leave to board the train. Gabriel was a little terrified of the volume of noise that the train made when it blew it’s steam whistle at first, but he warmed up quickly. We boarded the train and walked back and forth on the train for what seemed like an eternity looking for a seat! Yes, apparently we were not the only ones who had such fabulous train plans!

The train left, stopped for a few minutes in Atalissa, and then arrived in West Liberty. We got off and did the typical things that everyone does with an old train…..take pictures of it! Now really, I have no interest in trains. None. But there is something about seeing one of these huge powerful machines that just kind of puts you in awe of its strength.









Not that G needed any more excitement for the day, but he got to shoot a firehose and play on a train playground!


































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