I see spots!!

In our ‘House of Costello’, things are never boring.  I’m sure many of you with young children feel the same way. Rarely in our home is it quiet, sparkling clean, calm, boring, or completely under control. I hope I am not alone in saying this, but sometimes these kids of ours sure throw me for a loop! Let me explain:

We had Gabriel’s 3rd birthday party on June 18th and had a blast! The night was complete with a 3D train cake, a new bike (of course with a helmet and bell!), lots of family, new water guns, and a fever. Wait?! A fever, you ask? Well, not for G, but for Lucy. It was only 99 degrees, but I knew it was the start of something bad.

The prior weekend we had attended the Costello Family Campout with a few (only 60 or so!) close Costello family members, including many little ones. We had a great weekend, and a lot of fun. By the end of the weekend, one of the wee ones running around had broken out in something that I can only describe as ‘spots’.  This sweet girl had spots on her hands, feet, legs, ears, face, and tushie. Ouch. The original diagnosis was chicken pox.  A day later, and after a trip to the pediatrician, the real diagnosis was hand, foot, and mouth disease (hfm).  My children had been exposed numerous times, and apparently there is a HUGE epidemic of hfm going around right now. Fabulous.

For all of you moms that work outside of the home, I think you know how I felt at this very moment. Now, mind you, I was VERY concerned about my children’s health. Our kids are the center of my world, and I would do anything to keep them well and safe. But, when my children are sick, they are not allowed to go to their 2 day per week sitter (and rightly so! we don’t want all the kids sick!!), and someone is not allowed to go to work in order to stay home with them.  This leaves us (ok really just me) in a huge state of panic. What if the kids can’t go to the sitter? Who will watch them during the day? Who in the world wants to watch 2 sick kids under the age of 3? How can I take off work in such short notice?  What will my/our employers do to cover our absence?

Lucy ended up with a fever on Monday and broke out in about 200 spots on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. She never itched the spots and really didn’t even notice they were there! She had a fever off and on, slept a lot, and was somewhat cranky. (**side note: she was also cutting a molar at the same time, which I am also contributing to her crankiness!)  Gabriel got a fever on Wednesday and got just a few spots, maybe 20 overall; he also had the same crankiness and tiredness.  Spots were located on tops of feet, back of wrist, lower legs, and groin (ouch!).

We are so very fortunate to have family and friends close by that are so willing to help us out in these situations. Neither Jeremiah or I had to take time off work, and the kids were well cared for.  I guess my freak out was a little too radical in this case. 

Poor kids!!!! They are feeling much better, and were able to return to their ‘regular’ routine today (as if there is ever a ‘regular’, as I mentioned before).  We are hoping to stay healthy for awhile now, as Lucy was still getting over an ear infection when the hfm hit.

Whew! Well, on other, more happier notes, we have had several good things happen lately in our House. 1)Jeremiah and I finished my second raised bed garden in our lower lawn; now just to plant it! 2)Jeremiah and I are now the proud owner of a Chevy Suburban! Not new by any means, but a fantastic deal that we could not pass up, as we have been looking for a bigger vehicle lately that can haul more people and things! 3)I found out that the Bennett Preschool has a 3 year old class! We are still debating whether or not to send G this fall. 4) Lucy is becoming braver with her walking and will walk on her own for 5-6 feet! 5) Found out that I will be getting another physical therapy student to accompany at my clinic in late July. I currently have a student that will leave in mid July, so I won’t be alone for long! I love having students, they are so fun and keep me on my toes! 6) I finished Hunger Games book 2. What a roller coaster!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying clear of hfm!  😉


The Saramiah’s

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