Things I don’t do

When I became a mom, there were several things that I thought I would definitely do. Yes, as you have guessed, many (ok most) of those things have went by the wayside and I am discovering what true motherhood is. It’s defintely not glamorous, and it’s definitely not clean! But it sure is the most FUN and rewarding thing I have ever done in my life!  I read an interesting post once by a blogger that listed the things she didn’t spend money on, didn’t worry about, didn’t expect from motherhood etc. Here’s my version of that post, in a lighthearted way. Hope I’m not alone in some of these things and that you can laugh along with me!!

1) I don’t buy many things new. Yes, I am frugal, and very proud of it. 90% of my kids’ clothes come from kid’s consignment stores or garage sales. And I bet you can’t tell what days they wear the other 10% that is new. 😉  I love to peruse sales and vintage stuff. I like to find a great deal. I like to be creative. Try it, it’s kind of addictive.

2) I don’t ever feel completely rested. When did that stop, anyways? I never remember feeling tired as a kid!

3) I don’t get nearly as much done as I feel like I should. Is there ever an end to dishes?! Or laundry?! Or changing sheets?! (the worst!!)

4) I don’t always make my kids pick up their toys. Ok, it’s past their bedtime and I just don’t want to fight with a tired preschooler anymore. I’ll just pick them up myself after they are in bed!

5) I don’t deny the fact that hanging clothes on the line is enjoyable to me. Weird, yes I know. I think it just gives me time to think. And we save money by not having to run the clothes dryer!

6) I don’t workout or run with music. Jeremiah and I call ourselves ‘minimalist runners’. No iPod, no Garmin, no fancy tech devices. Who needs all that when you’ve got a navigator like our dog Ryder (RIP!).

7) I don’t like to stay up late. It’s currently 10:45pm and I really need to go to bed. Believe it or not, no matter what time I go to bed, those kids of ours still prefer to get up earlier than I want them to!  I function much better at 5am than midnight.

8) I don’t like to leave my kids. EVER. Yes, I do work outside of the home, and I truly enjoy and am passionate about my job. But, I REALLY miss my kids when I am away. And really, it does not get easier to leave them, whether it’s for 10 mins or 10 hrs. In my perfect world, I would never have to leave them.

9) I don’t miss church (very often).  Church is very important to our family. Our week does not seem complete if we don’t start Sunday morning ( or Saturday evening) at church. That is 1 hour a week that we set aside…..ok more like 3 or 4 after we finish talking to all our family and having lunch, visiting Grandma Elma, etc. 🙂

10) I don’t ever stop loving the time I have with my kids and husband. :) ‘Nuff said.

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