Trying 3’s

My mom always told me that kids went through the ‘terrible 2’s’ (who hasn’t heard of that one…) and the ‘trying 3’s’.  I don’t remember much (ok, anything) about being 3, but G has been 3 for 11 days now and there are a many things I have learned about that. Don’t get me wrong, G is such a great kid and very energetic and active, which I LOVE. But all 3 year olds have their moments. Here they are, from G’s viewpoint:

1) When you are 3, you no longer have to turn around at the short tree a mere 50 feet from where mom is standing while riding my cool bike with training wheels (where I’m supposed to turn around). I may now venture to the end of the block and all the while listen to my funny, yelling mom scream, ‘G! Turn around now!’. 

2) When you turn 3, you are not a baby anymore. You don’t have to touch, wear, look at, or use anything baby-related anymore, no matter what your parents say. This includes night time underwear, some cups, some toys, some certain books,  and some clothes. This leaves my parents in quite a predicament. I like it.

3) When you turn 3, you are totally allowed to haul a$$ into your sister at any time, who is just perfecting her walking abilities. She is the perfect target; I don’t even have to run very far to launch her completely across the room into a crying heap. And I wonder why she smacks me sometimes….

4) When you turn 3, you are allowed to run around naked.  Anytime, anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, guests over, or while mom is on the phone. It all goes.

5) When you turn 3, you don’t have to go to bed at the pre-set time of 8:30pm anymore. If you play it right, you can last all the way up to 9:00pm, or even 10:00pm on a lucky night. Heck, I’ve even pulled a 10:30pm on a few occasions.

6) When you turn 3, climbing is the new thing. We’re not talking baby climbing stuff. Mom has recently caught me on (and removed me from) the dog house, the piano bench, the counter, the dryer, L’s crib, the outside porch, and the TV stand. I don’t know what the big deal is. I just want to be tall!

7) When you turn 3, water is the enemy. This includes all things relating to water: washing hands, bathing, showering, or swimming. I’d rather just roll in the sandbox.  And I will throw a fit if I have to do any of the above activities.

8) When you turn 3, it’s totally ok to unbuckle your own seat belt. Just the chest one, because my thumbs aren’t strong enough for the bottom one. But I only get to leave it undone for about 3 seconds until mom notices it. Then the car stops really fast, and we don’t get to go again until I re-buckle it. Why isn’t she proud of me for my newfound dexterity?!

9) When you turn 3, wrestling becomes your new favorite thing. I can wrestle anything–the neighbor kid, L, my parents, or a toy. Just watch. I’ll show ya how it’s done.

10) When you turn 3, Mom and Dad start thinking about preschool and how I’m growing up (blah, blah, blah), and that makes them sad. But I’m super excited to be 3!


2 thoughts on “Trying 3’s

  1. I love this!! In this house, when you turn two and a half, and your mom shushes you, you get to yell, “Mom! Let me talk because you need to hear me!”

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