Welcome to the Jungle

Tonight after dinner J and I sat down to attempt to figure out our life for the next 3 months. Whatever do I mean, you ask? See below:

Crazy? Hectic? What the heck is all that highlighting? Well, as you may know, I am a planner. I like to know what the heck is going on and where my people are at any given time.  The above schedule includes: J’s cross country team’s meet and practice schedules, his SAU class schedule, his work schedule, and his days to be Mr Dad; my work and running schedules (in the works to hopefully do another big fall race!), and beloved days at home; and G&L’s sitter and home schedules. I wanted to do it hour by hour, but alas the giant drawing paper I had was just not big enough(and neither was the wall space).

I jokingly used to call the months of August/September/October the ‘single mom months’.  J never appreciated that. So I’ve decided to call the next 3 months ‘the jungle’.  Much more politically correct, I guess.

J has coached Durant junior high and high school boys cross country teams for the past 9 years, this will be his 10th year. Of those years, his team/individuals have made it to state 8 times, and each time he gets a commemorative plaque. Those plaques line our stairway wall.  As you can see from the picture, we are running low on stairway wall space, but not to worry, we have plenty of upstairs-hallway-wall-hanging space. 😉

This picture may be outdated, but J sure enjoys the adventure.  And that makes it worth it.

Welcome to the jungle.


Happy anniversary to us!!!

Well, today is Jeremiah and my 6 year wedding anniversary. And I can honestly say, I would not do one thing differently. I love our life! 🙂

Like most people, today we reminisce about our wedding day, the last 6 years, and look forward to what the next 6+ years will hold for us.  We will also work on fixing Jeremiah’s car, attend church, 2 birthday parties, and keep 2 children from tearing each other apart. 😉

I will never forget our wedding day. I woke up so stinking early and I could not sleep. I was simply so excited. Most of us girls were staying at my parent’s house, so I woke up by myself and went out on their deck. It was a beautiful morning and I remember saying a prayer to God that he would bless our wedding day and our marriage.  I also thanked him for bringing me such an awesome person to marry. Then I returned inside and shortly after started getting hair and makeup done–yes we started at 6am!!!

The rest of the day was simply amazing.






Last night J and I went out to celebrate our 6 years together. Earlier in the day we did what all parents do. We called ‘nana and papa’ to see if their babysitting center was open for the evening. Luckily, it was, and they were happy to have the kiddos for a few hours. *Shoutout to ‘nana and papa Schulz’ – I’m not sure what we would do without them. They are always so willing to help us out with the kids, whether that be babysitting, chauferring, or anything else. THANK YOU so much!*  We dropped off the kids and procedded on with our very romantic date, with our first stop at Auto Zone. Yes, yes, I know. What a patient wife am I ! 😉 Jeremiah had to pick up some parts that he had on hold, and a 10 min stop turned into a 25 minute stop. Ugh!

After that fiasco, we hopped over to the Symposium Cafe where we treated ourselves to drinks, dinner, and dessert. (They have the best and most delicious cakes there!) Keeping with our very romantic theme, we then headed over to Books-A-Million where we perused the books together for almost an hour (one of our favorite things to do!). And you can’t have a very romantic date in the QC without ending it at Whitey’s ice cream.

Well, our dates aren’t always the most typical ‘romantic’ anymore, but we sure do enjoy having a few hours to ourselves, no matter if it’s spent at Auto Zone or some cute restaurant.

6 years has taken us through many things together. Change of jobs, moving, graduating school, having 2 amazing children, numerous home improvement projects, several road races, several road trips, etc etc. We also dated for 6 1/2 years prior to getting married and had many awesome trips, experiences, and adventures together. I can only hope and pray that God continues to bless us in the best ways possible 🙂

And yes, he still sings to me, just like this with his lovely tenor voice 🙂



6 years and going strong!

The latest

I realized that I have not posted in awhile, and maybe that’s been because we have been B-U-S-Y! The summer months seem to keep us hoppin’.  So in several pictures and a few words, here’s the latest from the House of Costello:

We practiced for the Olympic Trials, gymnastics, of course. We are now checking into gymnastics courses for G, and maybe J. 😉

Jeremiah taught Gabriel a thing or two about car repair…or maybe they were just napping!?

Tried my hand at making some homeade yogurt, with Pride of the Wapsi strawberries. Next up, attempting to make ‘kale chips’ from kale from another friend’s garden.  Will keep ya updated on that one! That’s right, I’m crunchy 😉

Attended the Cedar County Fair. Gabriel wore his ‘yee-haw guy hat’, and even got to drive a ‘bombine’ and ride a ‘yee-haw’! He was pretty happy!

Went to our first drive-in movie as a family. (I think the last time we went, Jeremiah and I were still dating!) We ate pizza, watched ‘Brave’ and ‘The Amazing Spiderman’. Ok, Jeremiah watched the last one, while the rest of us slept. Hey, I’m just not that great after about 11pm!

Gabriel attended his first Vacation Bible School! He went for 3 nights; they had dinner, a lesson, lots of fun with water and Bible stories! Here he’s pictured with one of his buddies. 🙂

Went to ‘First Friday’ at the Mississippi River Distilling Company to promote Seasonal Spirit #5: Pride of the Wapsi Strawberry Vodka! Yes, it is good. Yes, it goes great with lemonade. Yes, you can buy it at HyVee or North Scott Foods or the Distilling Company. Yes, there are only 5,000 bottles so you better run out right now and get your hands on some!

Helped to start and organize a freezer meal exchange group iwth 7 other mamas! Let me tell you, this was one of the best things ever! We all made 7 meals, met at a friend’s farm, chatted, exchanged our meals with each other, chatted some more, lugged our coolers back out to our cars, chatted, loaded up all our kids and were on our way! I came with 7 chicken lasagnas and left with 7 new delicious dishes! We plan to do it again in August. Now, to get my freezer as organized as this one…

And with that, I’m signing off. Have a great day!