Putting aside my mommy pride

This week I did something that was very hard for me. I put aside my mommy pride.

I take GREAT pride in being a mom of 2 great little kids. I LOVE being a mother and (almost) all of what comes with it. To Jeremiah and I, parenting is the most important job we have been given. My kids are my world!

That being said, I have been asking people (family, friends, other therapy professionals) what they thought of G’s speech. I heard a lot of the same; ‘He’s a boy’, ‘He’s too busy to talk’, ‘Boys are always later at talking’, etc etc. Does he use words, yes, but they are not always the right words. He says ‘ry-ry’ instead of dog; ‘woo woo guy’ instead of firefighter, ‘mmm-mmm’ instead of food. Most of the time we know what he is talking about, but not many other people do.  I was just feeling kind of uneasy about the way he was communicating. Could he *gasp* be a little delayed in speech?!

So, for the past few months, I have been debating about taking G to see a specialist.  In PT school we learned a bit about speech development, but mostly about child physical and motor development (which I have made sure my kids are stars in!) So I had a little background in the topic, but not much.

My PT clinic has a ‘sister clinic’ in Muscatine that specializes in physical, occupational, and speech therapy for kids. Since I know the staff there, I decided to start there.

The speech therapist did a mini-eval, having G try to name animals, colors, people, objects, count, etc. He was able to say several colors, a few names, and knew all his animal sounds, but not specific names of animals. She noticed right away when G became frustrated with not knowing how to express himself that he would just stop, and leave the activity to find something that he knew he could master, which is exactly what he does at home. She also hit the nail right on the head when she asked if he had a ‘stubborn’ personality. Oh boy, was she right!!! By the end of the visit, G was having more fun lining up the little blocks into a road than paying attention to pictures on the screen and talking with the therapist. Typical.

So, G is going to start speech therapy. It was hard for me to reach out for others for ‘help’.  I want to be the kind of mom that can DO IT ALL for my kids! But I guess it is important to get outside help when needed.  I don’t think people think we are lacking or lazy parents because our son is not talking the way we should, but I still feel a sort of hit to my ‘mommy pride’.  No, G is not perfect, and neither am I.  But we want him to be as close to it as he can come 😉 

We are looking into getting him services through the AEA, but so far it’s a looong process. If that doesn’t work, he will go to our ‘sister clinic’ in Muscatine where I’m confident he will get great therapy. (Plus, I can always pester the therapists there about his care..haha!)

Maybe someday G will look back on his preschool years and thank us for taking his speech development into our own hands and pursuing therapy for him. Maybe, when he’s standing up on the podium/altar/school auditorium/concert stage, he will thank us for giving him such a great start in his verbal expression.  Maybe someday he will thank me for putting aside my mommy pride. 😉


Today, as usual, I was talking with a few patients at work about my kids. I was telling them how I have realized that I have complete opposites for children. Obviously, there is one major difference: G is a boy, and L is a girl. They also have opposite colored hair and skin tones.  However, they have been created from the same gene pool, have been raised thus far with the same expectations and values, and are together 90%+ of their day. How in the world can they be so different?!

This morning was a prime example. I got up and was out of the house for a run at 5:20am. I returned at 6am to enter the house hearing G singing and lots of TV and lights on. J informed me that G had been up for some time, and was already asking for breakfast.  And so my day begins. *sigh* L had to be woken up almost an hour later.

L eats anything, even spicy foods and meats like steak and pork chops. G eats a lot of yogurt, peanut butter sandwiches, and his alloted 1 pop-ice per day. He will not touch anything remotely hot.

On a typical night, G throws a fit at bedtime and comes down the stairs at least 2 times requesting bathroom, drink, etc. He finally falls asleep at 10pm (we put him to bed at 830pm) and gets up between 4:55 and 7am (yes you read that right). He refuses naps most days, and occasionally will sleep on the couch. He did not sleep through the night until 6 mo and I regularly find him in our bed in the wee morning hours. L sleeps from 8pm-7:30am with an additional 2 hrs of nap during the day. She has slept through the night since 3 mo.

G will go nonstop until we make him rest. There is no doubt that he would go for days without sleeping. If there were enough dump trucks, tractors, and superhero toys, he would never have to stop playing! L will lay down on the ground when she is tired, and go to sleep. She does not cry when we put her in her crib.

L will carry her baby around in a choke hold all day long. That’s the only toy she needs. G gets every toy in the living room out; when he plays, toys go flying and there is a lot of noise. His bed is FULL of books and toys.

G reads books upon books. He LOVES to be read to. Always has. L reads 3 books and is done. Then she needs to roam the house and retrieve her baby from the bathtub, where she last left her.

G loves to help out. If someone is doing something, he is there. ‘G do’ is one of his favorite phrases. L is happy watching, as long as her baby is in hand.

L likes to wear cute dresses and outfits, or at least she doesn’t mind it. If he had his choice, G would run naked, or in a superhero cape (if it was cold).

In all honesty, I like having complete opposites for children. It keeps life interesting. You never know when G will break out in air guitar or where L will leave her baby. 😉

Cook much?



It’s true, I’m a food fanatic. Or, should I say, I’m an eating fanatic! Since the time J and I got married, my cooking skills have definitey gotten better and more creative. Not that I’m some fantastic gourmet chef, but when I was growing up the only thing I ever made was cookies!  (Side note: J would like to add that I ‘but you make damn good cookies’)Then I discovered cookbooks. And internet searches. And pinterest. And freezer cooking! Ohhh, how I love to cook!  Here’s a glimpse of my recent adventures in cooking:

Freezer hawaiian chicken

Homeade kale chips

Breakfast sandwiches

Stuffed zucchini (mmm)

12 Freezer meal group exchange fajitas!!

Baked oatmeals with peachesFreezer meal exchange kabobs

I’ve also concocted chicken lasagna, cheesy tortellini bake, and working on a spaghetti bake. I’ve gotten really into freezer cooking. Ok, borderline obsessive. I cook several meals at a time, and throw the extras in the freezer. I’ve done breakfast, lunches, and dinner. It seems to really help on nights that I get home from work at 6:30pm, the kids are hungry, and I’m not in the mood to spend an hour in the kitchen with 2 crying kids hanging on my legs! I’ve also recently helped start and joined a freezer meal exchange group which has been fantastic! We all make 10-12 of the same thing, freeze it, and then get togther and exchange amongst ourselves. You come home with 12 new and different meals that you didn’t have to make! Good deal! Have some good recipes? Send them my way 🙂