Cook much?



It’s true, I’m a food fanatic. Or, should I say, I’m an eating fanatic! Since the time J and I got married, my cooking skills have definitey gotten better and more creative. Not that I’m some fantastic gourmet chef, but when I was growing up the only thing I ever made was cookies!  (Side note: J would like to add that I ‘but you make damn good cookies’)Then I discovered cookbooks. And internet searches. And pinterest. And freezer cooking! Ohhh, how I love to cook!  Here’s a glimpse of my recent adventures in cooking:

Freezer hawaiian chicken

Homeade kale chips

Breakfast sandwiches

Stuffed zucchini (mmm)

12 Freezer meal group exchange fajitas!!

Baked oatmeals with peachesFreezer meal exchange kabobs

I’ve also concocted chicken lasagna, cheesy tortellini bake, and working on a spaghetti bake. I’ve gotten really into freezer cooking. Ok, borderline obsessive. I cook several meals at a time, and throw the extras in the freezer. I’ve done breakfast, lunches, and dinner. It seems to really help on nights that I get home from work at 6:30pm, the kids are hungry, and I’m not in the mood to spend an hour in the kitchen with 2 crying kids hanging on my legs! I’ve also recently helped start and joined a freezer meal exchange group which has been fantastic! We all make 10-12 of the same thing, freeze it, and then get togther and exchange amongst ourselves. You come home with 12 new and different meals that you didn’t have to make! Good deal! Have some good recipes? Send them my way 🙂

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