Unplugging with an adventure in the ‘burb

Several months ago, J and I purchased a Suburban. A big, gas guzzling, 9 seater.  Since then, I have driven it only once, and J has been driving it daily. It has basically become a cross country runner bus to and from practice sites. Suitably so, because in it’s former life it was a school suburban. Hey, the price was right….

So this weekend, J got to use the ‘burb for what he feels it is intended for. He got to haul a ton of people in it and have fun while doing it.

For the past 2 years, my family gets together each Labor Day weekend at Backbone State Park. On Sunday we did just that. We noticed a dot on the map for ‘Richmond Springs’. Then J tracked down a DNR officer and got a map of the park. Turns out that besides a natural spring, there is also a balanced rock, caves, and beach, among many other things to see and do.  My mass of cousins caught wind of this, and a ‘burb adventure was in the works. 

After we ate we loaded up the ‘burb with 1 in cargo (the youngest besides my kids), 2 in carseats and 1 smaller person in the 3rd row, 3 in the 2nd row, and 3 in the first row. Yep, the ‘burb was full. And hot.

First stop was the cave. G was not too sure of it, but we managed to make our way in a little ways, until I was too tall, even while stooping over. J and a bunch of the other kids made their way to the overlook above the cave. Since I had L in the Ergo carrier on my back, I stayed back with some of the girls who had, ahem, worn flip flops.Ok, I did too!

After loading everyone back up (this was at least a 5 minute ordeal, with 2 carseats and 8 other people), we made our way to the natural spring that feeds the 48 degree trout stream coursing throughout the park. Frigid! We all stuck our toes in it, scaled some trails/rock walls, and watched the sand bubbling at the source of the spring. A few brave souls made it up to a lookout over the spring.

Next stop in the adventure was at the beach. Beautiful, big, and not many people! We waded, and some of the kids made a stream/dam/sand castle. Bliss!

We returned to the family picnic almost 3 hours later. And the best part of the whole thing? No one ever asked what time it was. No one was on their phone checking their facebook or email. No one was caring about anything else except having fun in the moment. The way it should be!

Lately, I’ve been trying to ‘unplug’ myself more often. I frequently forget where my phone is, and I go several nights without checking my email or facebook (unless I have a blog idea, lol!) It’s been a blessing. I hope to spend several more days unplugged like this one.  We hope the ‘burb lends us many more adventures. 🙂