It’s gonna be awhile..

Some of my recent thoughts. If you are a mom…… you know.

So, it’s gonna be awhile;

-before we get to sleep in past the break of dawn. With a kid like G who NEVER seems to need to sleep, we are up very early some mornings. This morning I woke up to G eating a ham sandwich in bed next to me. Don’t ask. (*sigh–crumbs*)

You know it's early when Curious George isn't even on yet.

You know it’s early when Curious George isn’t even on yet.

-before I can do anything by myself.  I actually enjoy teaching our kids how to do things. They help me do laundry, cook, wash dishes, clean and sew. Usually, it’s more of a mess than anything. But we can concoct some yummy food!!


G and I sewing. It takes a mess to create beauty!

It takes a little heavy machinery and cows to make cookies I guess....

It takes a little heavy machinery and cows to make cookies I guess….

-before my wood floor is not perpetually sticky. I don’t know how or where it comes from, but it’s always there. Gross!!!

-before I can get to work  with clean clothes. It never fails. I’m working on someone’s knee, I look down, and there it is.  Snot or breakfast, smeared across my shoulder. Nice. Just a little reminder of my kids during the day when I can’t be with them 😉

-before I can be the only one to eat off my plate. I’m thinking of just making our table into one big family plate, then I wouldn’t have to share, lol!

– before I can get ready to go somewhere in less than 30 mins. I usually realize someone forgot to put underwear on or someone needs a new diaper right before we leave.

-before we can ever sit in front in church. Tried it once and a Little People toy ended up across the alter, courtesy of G. We will be in the back section for a long time 😉

-before our washer gets a break.  I can’t go a day without doing some form of laundry. Wash, dry, fold, re-wash, hang/remove from clothes line, or put away, it happens daily. Since we have always used cloth diapers it is seriously never ending!

-before we can go to a community event with out some one commenting on the diapers they saw hanging on our clothes line!  I kind of take this as a compliment and if nothing else it is a great conversation starter. haha!

-before I wake up to only 1 male in my bed. I’m talking about G here, people. 😉

This may have to become a series. I’m sure all you moms out there could add to this list 😉 Lemme know your input and we could compile a book 🙂

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