J. Amazing.

**Note to reader: this blog post is all about my husband and his amazing-ness, especially over the past year. It may get a little mushy and sentimental. If you don’t want to read about that, stop right here. 🙂

January 7th marks the first day of J’s student teaching. He has worked so hard to get to this. Frequently thoughout the past year, when he would be having a tough time with juggling all that he was, I would tell him, “You know you’re my hero, right?’  He would usually scoff at that remark and go back to studying/sleeping/fixing a flat tire, etc. I’m not kidding folks, this guy has been amazing. The fact that he has made it through a full year of overly full load of coursework at school, a full time job, head coach of cross country, has 2 kids and a somewhat nagging wife at home, a home/yard/cars to maintain and being a superdad makes him a hero in my book.

He started back to school full time last January, and we took this on as a family journey, knowing that it was going to be a challenge for J and I.  We wanted to limit the effect that it had on the kids.  J wanted to return to school in order to become a teacher and have a more family-friendly career.  He had been mulling the idea for several years, pretty much since we got married. We finally decided that he would go back to school, and we would go on a roller coaster for the next year and a half.  I went to work from part time to full time, meaning less time at home for the kids (and I). J worked full time to support us when I was in physical therapy grad school, so it was only natural to return the favor. Just this time there was a house and 2 children added to the mix.

I am so proud of J, and he hates that I am writing this blog right now, and he will make me let him read it before I post it.  I recently read an article that was saying how we really need to tell people how much they mean to us, as so frequently we just hope they know how we feel.

J got a 4.0 GPA last semester. ALL A’S.  Impressive.

He has been a wonderful husband and father in so many ways (see pictures below)

He has put up with my whining, nagging, carrying on, complaining. I really tried to limit this, but sometimes you just gotta vent!

He has worked full time or very close to it since he has been in school full time.

He has made a point to have quality time with the kids and I.

He coached boys cross country and took 2 boys all the way to state, who both ended up placing in top 10 in Iowa, Class 1A. Wowza!

Some of my favorite pictures of J over the past year:


J and G fixing brake lines this summer. He’s (almost) always willing to have a helper.



Last Christmas

 Christmas 2011

Watching Brave at the drive-in

Watching Brave at the drive-in

This guy can still do a handstand!

This guy can still do a handstand!

Helping G shoot a firehose

Helping G shoot a firehose

J and kids-first day of classes this fall

J and kids-first day of classes this fall

I don't know how he ever got any studying done.....

I don’t know how he ever got any studying done…..

Where's Waldo and Super G at Halloween

Where’s Waldo and Super G at Halloween



Note I came home to one night 🙂

As you can tell, I am very proud of J and his amazing accomplishments the past year, and before.  He does not want me to post this all, but I am doing it anyways. 🙂 I cannot wait to post a picture of him at graduation in May!

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