I confess, I am a Pinterest addict.

Jeremiah will agree. I spend way too much time lately looking at and searching for things/ideas that may/may not ever become a reality. But that is the beautiful thing about Pinterest.

Lately, in these cold, dreary, short days of winter, I have been finding myself spending more time doing….nothing. It is weird. I always have something to do, but still, the couch and a warm blanket beckons. After we put the kids to bed at night, Jeremiah usually has something he needs to work on for student teaching for the next day. I do what needs to be done around the house in terms of dishes, laundry, packing bags, food, etc, and then IT hits me. I feel the want, no, the need to Pinterest.

I digress. Pinterest is amazing. In the past few years that I have had an account on there, I have found so many helpful, interesting, delicious, cute, creative, boredom-busting, why-didn’t-I-think-think-of-that ideas on the amazing Pinterest. I have re-created several ideas that were found (where else?) but on Pinterest. If you have not discovered (or been completely enthralled by) Pinterest yet, I highly recommend that you do. In the words of another ‘pinner’: “Pinterest has never made me want to eat so many desserts or try so many exercise routines all in one night.”.  If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, go here and take a look around:

I decided to compile a photo-blog of some sort to make note of my pinterest creations, or at least the ones I have remembered to take pictures of! Some are neat, some are kinda elementary.  But all were fun!  Here goes:


Modge podge photo flower pots made for Mother’s Day. Made one to put pens, goniometers, etc in on my work desk as well!


Raised gardens J made me! The third one will be constructed this spring (J is not aware of this yet…)


Make-ahead ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. Take out of freezer, microwave 1 minute, and you’re good to go!


Super G cape (reversible)


Twirly t-shirt dress made for L


Second take on the twirly tshirt dress. Made this one for L and her cousin


Painting……with toy trucks! Works well!


Major freezer cooking adventure. Posted this on the fridge so we don’t forget what’s in there. I ended up with over 20 meals by the time it was all over!


What the children did one day while I did other stuff: yarn spiderweb/obstacle course. Helps that G is completely obsessed with Spiderman and Superman right now


Prayer jar: kids use at dinner to pick a prayer request out of each night. Blessing jar: everytime we think of a reason we have been blessed, we right it down and place into jar. Dec 31, 2013 we will read all of them for 2013 year and recap the blessings!


Rice busy activity for toddlers: pour, dump, scoop, measure, make a mess……..


Foot/handprint art for V-day 2012 for grandparents


Coffee cup cozies for Mel’s bday! (she likes coffee a bit)


Framed in our living room. G apparently needed in the picture


J and I write back and forth on this almost daily. It’s so fun!


Artwork hanger in G’s room. A 1×4 board, clothespins, paint!


Curled paper flowers hung on L’s wall.


Hairbow holder in L’s room. Now if only all the bows would make it back to here…

                  Pin on, folks; pin on. 🙂

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