Fun in the House of Costello

My weekend (probably like most of you parents) usually consists of something like this: Fall asleep exhausted on Friday night around 9pm (lame-o), run around doing errands, cleaning, laundry, working out, dishes on Saturday, and Sunday is a blur of church, Sunday school, dinner with family and more laundry. Exhausting, and sometimes fun.

I recently read a blog  post from Quad City Mom’s Blog all about making a point to have some FUN with your family. It really got me thinking about how I look forward to the weekend all week, and then when it comes it goes so quickly and I feel like I spent more time with the dish sink than the kids or J. Depressing? Yes. Fixable? Absolutely.

Last weekend was a blast; one of the funnest weekends I have had in a long time. About halfway through Saturday, J and I decided that the day (ended up being the whole weekend) was going to be family fun day.  We were going to only do fun things, and focus the kids and each other, instead of the looming to-do list.

Saturday morning we got up at 8 am. Yes, you read that right. Our darling children let us all sleep in a little lot later than normal. I headed out for a run in the fresh snow (exhilarating!) for a few miles and returned to find J and G cooking up some chocolate chip pancakes. Did I want some? Yes, please! Lucy woke up shortly and we all ate breakfast together (something that rarely happens, only on weekends). After getting everyone dressed we headed to Tipton for some sledding action.  We even bought a new toboggan and tried it out on the hills. The kids squealed with delight.  We returned home for lunch and then headed to the infamous Bennett duck races.

I know what you are thinking….what in the world…? Well, being the novices that we are to the duck races, we did not sponsor a live duck for $10, keep it in a box until it’s name was announced and called to the starting line, or chase it down the track in order to advance to the next round. Nope, we didn’t do that. We watched from the sidelines and got a big kick out of watching the ducks turn around, quack at their chaser, and try to go anywhere but down the track. If you’ve never been, I recommend you attend next year 😉

After the duck races wore us all out, the kids napped and I spent a good 2 hours on the couch, reading, pinteresting, snacking, watching Talladega Nights. It was fabulous.  I kept hearing those dirty dishes calling my name, but believe it or not, I could tune them out and just enjoy some down time! After the kids got up we headed out for a family get together that night.

034 033

Cousin T joined us!

Cousin T joined us!

Sunday we went to church, G attended Sunday school, came home and J went for a much needed run. After L woke up from an early nap, we went swimming! James Kennedy aquatic center in Tipton has $2 swim on Saturdays and $1 swim on Sundays! Perfect! G and L got to make sure their life vests still worked from last summer and J and I perfected our diving skills on the board. (Or maybe just made a fool of ourselves.) We were accompanied by 5 other family members and had a great time. From there we headed to Durant for my dad’s 60th bday celebration, which was, of course, lots of fun and good food!

J and I decided that we cannot do family fun weekend every weekend. Nothing much was completed and the dish/laundry/school prep/productivity fairy did not make her appearance that we hoped for, meaning that all the chores we left were still there waiting for us on Monday (darn!).  We were exhausted on Monday and Tuesday.  Apparently running, sledding, swimming and cheering ducks on is too much exertion for the middle of February. Or maybe we are just getting old….  I digress.  What we did decide is that family fun weekend needs to happen more often, especially while our kids are young. I know there are already times when I ask G or L “Did you grow overnight!?” and am a little worried about where the time went. I want to make as many memories with the kids as possible, and I want to share with them all the fun things I remember from when I was growing up. Family fun day is here to stay!

And just because I’m proud of it, check out what I crafted during naptime today…..a roll-up matchbox car mat for G! He loves it!

Parking the cars

Parking the cars

All rolled up to go!

All rolled up to go!


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