Can you tell I we are a little anxious for spring to get here!?

The kids are sick of being inside. G has shoveled snow all winter, and he’s over it. He requested yesterday to go to the park, have a picnic, and fly a kite. He also wants his sandbox to defrost. Lucy is perfecting her tricycle riding skills….in Nana and Papa’s garage. I think she is ready for some outdoor action!  There is only so much you can do with the powdery white stuff.



I need some sunshine! To hopefully encourage spring to come a little sooner, Jeremiah and I planned out our garden the other night. I am going to use the square foot method of gardening this year and see how it works. I have done a lot of research on it and apparently you get more produce out of less space with less work. Sounds good to me!  I planned it all out and hopefully will be as organized as my drawing! haha!


Science here, folks 😉

I also have been busy cooking freezer meals and doing our monthly exchange. I made hamburger patties this month in anticipation we could grill.  Again with encouraging the sunshine…..


Lines 3-14 are group exchange meals! YUM!! {Thank you L, for the artwork}


I went on my first somewhat *warm* run the other night. With Daylight Saving’s Time, it has been nice to come home when it’s daylight and maybe warm. Last Thursday I went out for a run and it was upper 40 degrees! Heat wave!  This winter I have been somewhat of a ‘pansy’ as J puts it, only running outdoors when it was warm and sunny. I think we only broke out the traction soles for 2 runs this year. 70 degrees is really more my style!

I decided to make L’s Easter dress this year.  It will be my 2nd attempt at a dress for her.  It is sleeveless and should turn out something like this.  I guess I may be pushing things a bit too much; I may have to get a little cardi to cover her up. Fabric comes in Thursday!!!!

I have a list of other spring projects started, consisting of, but not limited to: painting the kid’s new *shared* bedroom and re-decorating it (watch for future blog post on this little endeavor), constructing a water barrell and compost bin, attending a ‘canning for dummies’ class, cleaning out the garage, laying new mulch, building a new *bigger* sandbox, possibly digging in an in-ground trampoline, etc etc. I have also signed G up for a kid’s fishing class and canoe trip (all free for 3+!) awesome!

As anxious as we are for spring to get here, I think Mother Nature may have some other plans. I saw this *possible* forecast by meteorologist Terry Swails for the Quad Cities tonight on facebook:

Hold the bus! I hope Terry Swails is WRONG!!!


The Costello’s


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