Three’s Company: For the love of trees!

Last night we had our first PS-MAPP traning class for adoption. As I was frantically speeding  driving to the class, the thoughts were going through my head that I hope this is going to be worth the effort. In order to attend these 10 weeks of classes, I had to shift my work schedule, we set up nana and papa Schulz to watch the kiddos, and had to plan ahead for being gone every Tuesday afternoon/evening.  We know we want to adopt, I was just hoping it was all going to be worth it.

What a great learning experience this is going to be. There were about 10 couples and 5 additional single people in the class.  What I first found fascinating was the variety of people in our class. Some are like us, just wanting to grow (or start) their family through adoption. There were others who are going through the classes in order to legally adopt a grandchild, acquired child, or relative.

We had to do an icebreaker/get to know others game at the beginning that wasn’t all that bad. The rest of the class consisted of learning about the class itself, topics we will cover, learning about our own family’s strengths/needs, and learning about some of the adoption laws that affect us.

Then, it started to rain paperwork.

For the love of trees!

For the love of trees!

This is just what we received at week 1. All of this is due in 2 weeks. Most of these are PACKETS, not single sheets. Whoa. These are everything from home lead inspection declarations to family profiles to water testing to universal precaution testing to references. G and L even have to fill out a profile (draw a picture of their expected new sibling) for our file. They want  A LOT of info.  We also have to submit copies of our tax return, marriage license, health report, car insurance, drivers licenses……


Overall, it was a great first class. I am really looking forward to getting to know the rest of our classmates and learning so much more about adoption. And, we all sign up to bring snacks, so that helps the 3 hours to go a bit quicker 🙂

In the meantime, we had a great Easter!

L all dressed up!

L all dressed up!



After church we went to the Costello farm and ate, had an egg hunt, played with cousins, and flew kites. Good times! Although I think the kids were wore out…. 

"I rocked this Easter"

“I rocked this Easter”

Happy Easter!

-The Costello’s


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