Three’s Company: stories and sadness

Week 2 of our PS-MAPP class was about ‘Where the ‘MAPP’ leads.  I would say this class was an introduction to children who are potentially placed in foster care/adoption. 

We learned about roles of people involved in the process: parent(s), child, agency, foster/adoptive family, etc. We read 8 different scenarios of children who were removed from their families. This is where the sadness comes in.  The stories of these children were full of things that no child should ever have to endure. You can only imagine. We had to decipher in what ways the child is developmentally behind (due to the issues at home) and needs that they may have.  We talked about Erikson’s stages of development and how if a child is not developed in one stage, it affects how they develop (or don’t) further down the road of life.  We learned how abuse affects a child in so many ways other than physical.

We were given ‘roadwork’ (they really follow this ‘map’ idea) for next week to read handouts all about children at risk with different things. We were also given more paperwork to fill out and reminded that next week we will meet our workers who will ultimately help us match with a child.  That also means that all of that crazy paperwork is due next week! And I signed up to bring snacks…..

It has been very eye-opening to see what the children in foster care may have been through. In order to be removed from your own home, things have to be bad. Very bad. This is so sad to think about, but exactly why we want to adopt through this system. These kids deserve better and a chance to be the best person they can be.

In other news, we have been B-U-S-Y around here! I know, I know everyone is busy, we are no exception. Spring seems to have especially arrived in our house and everyone is everywhere.

We have been swamped at work lately. New patients have been arriving by the wagonload it seems! I had 10 in 3 days last week. I think my schedule has been booked solid for 2 weeks. Woof! Great for business but makes for a lot of paperwork! One day in particular last week I had a great refresher. I arrived at work to find a bouquet of flowers on my desk, delivered from a patient just for me! How cool! The day went on and I also received a homemade angelfood cake (to share, of course) from a patient famous for just that. Another patient brought in a bag of gently used clothes for my G that her son had outgrown. We inherited a Ralph Lauren shirt, Nike dri-fit top, a few other things, and a pair of Sperry’s. How nice!!!!! So nice to have those days where you feel appreciated for all your hard work.

At home I am in the midst of making 14 chili cornbread bakes for April’s freezer exchange (quite an undertaking this month), planning some spring remodeling in our house, making some new summer dresses for L, filling out endless adoption paperwork, planning L’s 2nd bday party, and trying to keep everything running.

Jeremiah has only 2 weeks left of his student teaching! Then he does 1 week of observation/wrap-up stuff and he is DONE! Hooray! He has been working so hard and doing a great job!

G took this pic. Not too shabby!

G took this pic. Not too shabby!

G and L have had spring fever as well, I believe. They want to be outside all day. Every day. It’s raining today so that means Mommy has to get creative to avoid destruction to the house. You know what I mean.

What's more fun than a big bucket built for two?

What’s more fun than a big bucket built for two?


Can you believe she is almost 2?!

Can you believe she is almost 2?!

Have a great week!

-The Costello’s

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