Three’s Company: Gains and Losses

Week 3 of PS-MAPP was last night about gains and losses. We were supposed to meet all of our case workers this week, but our instructor informed us that there was a change in plans. Apparently the workers cover a very large area of Iowa and had to travel last night. However, our worker is the also our instructor, so we were able to talk with her and set up our first home visit in 2 wks. Talk about stressful! There are a few things in our 130-year old home that need to be tweaked and touched up before she comes to visit, as I’m sure there are in any home. They are small things, but still things we want to get done and checked off the list!  I believe this is the first of 3 or 4 home visits.

Most of our class time last night talked about the losses that children in the DHS system experience. We talked about situational (ie: being removed from your home) versus maturational (ie: becoming a teenager) losses and how the two are related. We also talked about how the losses we have experienced as adults can positively or negatively affect the children that we will potentially be caring for. We also talked about making a ‘life book’ for a child to help chronicle the journey that the child has went through during their life thus far. It could include things that they have experienced, people they have met, important documents, pictures of friends/family, etc. The life book is meant to help a child commemorate or remember their past. We also talked about the grieving process with children.

Last night was our night to bring snacks for the class and you would have thought we prepared a magical feast. Our meatball sandwiches were a hit, along with homemade chocolate chip cookies and other finger foods. Everyone loved them! It sure does make the class more enjoyable when you have something to eat!

After leaving class, driving to pick up the sleeping kiddos, loading them into the car, driving home, unloading the sleeping kiddos and accompanying ‘stuff”, it was 10:15. Jeremiah still had some quick lesson planning to do but I was spent.

Due to the relentless thunderstorm last night, G was up at 3am to climb into our bed, which frequently happens, thunderstorm or not. After that I slept off and on until 5:30am when Jeremiah got up, and then tried to sleep some more while small elbows, knees, hands, and feet were thrown/pushed all over the me until 6:20am when G demanded ‘Wake up mom! Sun is up! I watch movie!’. G is not a courteous sleeper and flails himself all over the place and I almost always wake to his foot or elbow shoved in the middle of my thoracic spine. Nice.  This is one of the many reasons that we have never been a child-parent co-sleeping family. G apparently doesn’t realize that today is my day off and should be well spent sleeping in until at least 7am. Oh well, this mama is tired, what’s new? 😉

L is still sleeping, bless her heart. 🙂  She has recently moved up in the world and is sleeping in a big girl toddler bed. ‘Mine!’  ‘Bed!’  is all we hear about it. So far, so good. She has not figured out that she can independently climb in and out of her bed herself now, and just waits for us to come and get her after she wakes. That is totally ok with me.  The bed is a hand-me-down that she will probably only use for a few months and then we will move her into a twin bed that is the same as G’s.  You know, they have to match! 😉

Have a great Wednesday and stay dry amidst this monsoon we are having in Iowa!

-The Costello’s

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