What did Jeremiah learn?

Jeremiah is in the home stretch of his student teaching. Sometime this week he is done officially teaching and will move into observation, and then will be DONE. He asked me tonight to proofread this final report for his University supervising instructor.  I got a kick out of it and thought you all might too. I pasted in below what he wrote. 🙂


Report # 6

What did I learn student teaching?   It might be easier to tell you all the things that I haven’t learned while student teaching.  This question brings up so many random thoughts.  So, below I have complied a list of what I have learned while student teaching.  Please remember that this is not an all-encompassing list and it is definitely not in any sort of order.


 “Teaching is harder than it looks” I have worked several jobs in my life, ranging from farm work, construction, and truck driving.  All of these jobs were more physically demanding but I sleep just as good at the end of the day student teaching as I ever have.  There is something about being on your feet all day, solving one problem after another, while at the same time keeping 20 plus other students on task.  I don’t care what my brother says about me getting soft, teaching is a whole different ball game.

 “My wife is awesome” There have been several early mornings and late nights as part of this journey that is me going back to school.  On more than one occasion I am sure my wife has felt like a single mother.  She works so hard to make our lives as easy as possible and for that I will always love her.

 “I owe my teachers from high school a huge apology and thank you” I had to be such a pain in the rear.  My buddies and I were constantly trying get away with all sorts of stuff.  None of which had to do with our learning.  I now know how much harder I made their days.  Thank you for putting up with me and still insisting that I learn something even when I seemed to have checked out.  Maybe I can repay the favor.

 “Davenport North really isn’t that bad” When I received my placement lots of people stated warning me about NOOOORRRRTH!.   My experience had been the opposite.  North is like my high school in so many ways.  Both Wildcats, both have the same groups of students.  The only real differences is that North is a bigger building with a larger, more diverse student body.

 “It is important to have friends in education” I am not sure that I could have made it through this experience without the ears of some good people that I trust to share my joys and struggles with.  Whether on a long run or over the phone it is good to talk with someone who can relate.  Thank you!

 “You should spend as little time in the lounge as possible” The teacher’s lounge can be a good place to share ideas and learn from other teachers.  But it also is a place where negativity lurks looking for its next victim.   

 “Coffee is my friend” I once heard someone say that I learned two things in college… How to drink coffee and beer.  Well the first is true for me.  I have never had much of a taste for coffee but over the last year and a half it sure has come in handy several times.  With a big paper coming up or after a short night, a cup of joe surely hits the spot.  I even find myself really enjoying the taste, but only if it’s black, don’t go and fancy it up on me.

 “Being a husband, father, and student is a hard balancing act” There has been more than one night that I have had more help than I needed getting ready for the next day.  I have been typing several times with one or both kids sitting on my lap.  One of the most recurring phases I hear Gabriel say is “Daddy have homework tonight?”  and every time I say yes it breaks my heart, because I know he just wants to spend time with his dad.

“So many things are out of your control” As a teacher you can have the best plans and with no warning everything can change, whether it be an early dismissal or a huge news even, students are distracted and you have to be flexible and make the most out of the situation.

“All it takes is one little thing to make it all worth it” It is the strangest thing but the simplest stuff can make it all seem worth it.  Something that the person doesn’t even think twice about can change your whole outlook on the day.  It could be the look on a student’s face when they understand, a hello as you pass a staff member in the hall, or a note in your lunch bag.  Little things are what make teaching so rewarding.

“Prayer makes a big difference” On the days that I make time for prayer and reflection everything seems to go smother.  It’s crazy how on the days I stop and set aside time for prayer their just seems to be more time in the day and on the days I just squeeze it in there never is enough time.  For me, making a major life change and having so many people counting on me to succeed, prayer has become a must.


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