Three’s Company: Discipline

I’m a little behind in my blog posting this week. This is secondary to the fact that Jeremiah has been hogging our home computer alllll week. He has been in non-stop prep mode for his final presentation at St Ambrose and {drumroll, please} completed it today and PASSED! HOORAY! HE IS DONE! Diploma coming soon 🙂  Job hunt underway 🙂

Anyways, this week’s PS-MAPP class (a few days ago) was all about how to help children manage their behaviors.  We learned and talked a lot about the difference between punishment and discipline.  We also talked about how feelings and emotions are okay, but sometimes what is not okay is how children choose to express those emotions.  We discussed forms of discipline that we have seen used and whether or not they were effective.  We then had to write down 3 of our most ‘button-pushing’ behaviors and decide in what way that behavior would be best dealt with.  Our choices were: 1. Be a role model. 2. Time out. 3. Positive reinforcements and privileges. 4. Take away privileges. 5. Natural/logical consequences. 6. Ignore behavior. 7. Ensure restitution occurs. 8. Family meetings. 9. Behavioral charts. 10. This for that rule. 11. Help child understand feelings. 12. Replace negative time with positive time. 13. Provide alternative for destructive behavior. 14. Make a plan for change. 15. Enlist the help of a professional. Jeremiah and I are not in favor of all these techniques, but recognize that they may be helpful for children who come from a different background than our biological children. We did an activity to show the power of positive reinforcement involving us helping a classmate find a giant chocolate candy bar hidden in the classroom (why did I not volunteer for this activity?!)  We then filled out examples of discipline involving children’s cases.  This was our 5th class meaning we are halfway done with PS-MAPP classes! Yay!

As you may know, Lucy turned 2 on April 26 and her birthday rocked! We had a party for her with immediate family and she loved it. She received several dresses, new underwear, and shoes, and she had to try on each and every one of them. Repeatedly.

Aunt Mel and L :)

Aunt Mel and L 🙂

I made her a ‘checkerboard cake’ that grew into something of 4 tiers.  I have little experience in the area cake decorating, and failed to realize that I needed to make something called ‘decorator’s frosting’ instead of my usual homemade buttercream frosting. (Apparently decorator’s frosting is much stiffer than regular frosting). So I made the cakes, put them together, frosted, and completed it with polka dots.  I was proud of my accomplishment. I realized it was too big  tall to fit in the fridge, so I set it out on the table.

Lucy is 2!

Lucy is 2!



How L prefers to dress

How L prefers to dress, ladybug rainboots and all

It didn’t take long for the cake to begin leaning. And melting. I was afraid it would fall. We sang, blew out candles and cut the cake right after eating. Jeremiah was doing such a good job until the leaning tower of cake got the best of him….

Leaning cake...

Leaning, drooping cake…

Whoops! But check out the checkerboard pattern!

Whoops! But check out the checkerboard pattern!

It didn’t matter because the cake was good and Lucy loved it all. If you want to see Aunt Mel’s video version of Lucy’s bday, complete with G on the harmonica (again, courtesy of Aunt Mel), just click below. 🙂

How we roll!

How we roll!

Have a great week!!

-The Costello’s

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