Three’s Company: Birth families

Week 6 of PS-MAPP means we are over half done with our classes – yayyy! As much as we are learning in the classes and enjoying ourselves, it is a lot. A lot of information, a lot of work, a lot of time away from the kids and home. But it will be worth it! This week we talked a lot about the importance of birth families. Depending on the family, once you adopt a child you may still stay in contact with their birth parents, siblings, or other relatives. This led into a discussion of how to manage visits  with birth families during the fostering time, as most children who are in foster care still have visits with their birth parents. We read through different scenarios of how children may react to visits with their parents; not always good. We got to look through several different Life Books which were made by adoptive families for their adopted children to look at and get a better idea of their birth family. They were great to look through and I hope to do something very similar for our adopted child someday. They are like a baby book mixed with a storybook of that child’s specific adoption journey.  It was moving to look through the pictures and read about how the child described their birth families and prior experiences. And the pictures of them at the courthouse officiating the adoption about put me in tears! For next week we have to write 2 letters: 1 to our adoptive child’s birth family and 1 to our adoptive child.

Our class started out with 20-something students, and we have lost several people/couples. We sit in a big ‘U’ shape each week and this week when we walked in, the ‘U’ had significantly shrunk. Another couple had left. They say these classes are meant for you to examine your family and situation and really think about how adoption will affect your lives. It has been fun to meet and get to know everyone in the class and I hope everyone else sticks around!

We are looking forward to a busy weekend! Saturday we are helping out with the Bear Stampede race in West Branch by assisting with the water station, we have a graduation party to attend, and I am hoping to get some mulch laid in the unruly flower beds that surround our house these days. Sunday, Gabriel has his last pre-K Sunday school class for this year and we will be getting together for lunch with family for Mother’s Day. Sounds like a good one to me!

The kids and I have been out in the sunshine all day playing, running errands, and picnicking at the park and {success!} they are now both napping. 🙂

G took this pic. Not bad for a little guy!

G took this pic. Not bad for a little guy!

Have a great week!

-The Costello’s

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