Three’s Company: Transitions

This week’s class was a bit of a hiccup. Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned.

I actually had gotten off work early on Tuesday and had time to stop and get us both some dinner on my way. I arrived to class 20 mins early (unheard of!) and was able to sit and relax for a few moments.

I then get a call from J. He just realized that he forgot his bag at work, which contained his clothes, computer, and paperwork for school stuff. He had to turn around and get it, and would probably be late for class. He despises being late, so he was in a fantastic mood about that. {note sarcasm}

J arrives to class at 5:59pm, 1 minute before class starts. He comes in sunburnt (what’s new?), shoes untied and mad that he now has a flat tire. He must have picked up a nail while cruising 70mph on the gravel roads in his attempt to make class on time. Sweet. Guess we know what we will be doing during our break in the middle of class now: changing a tire.

We are sitting there and the teachers start talking about what we will learn about this week, what homework there is to turn in…….wait. Where’s our class binder? I look and J. He looks at me. The binder is at home on the counter where we left it at 6:20am this morning when we were all leaving for our day. Awesome. No binder = not having our homework to turn in, no taking notes, no nameplates (for participation stickers!), and no way to follow along. Luckily, J sweet talked our teacher into letting us borrow an extra copy they had on hand.  We couldn’t be upset any longer with each other when we realized the couple next to us was just about rolling off their chairs in laughter at our whole saga unfolding. They gave us a hard time, and we gave it right back. We all felt better!

Anyways, we talked a lot in week 7’s class about transitions for children to and from foster homes, and to adoptive homes. We looked at different scenarios of children who had good or bad experiences with their transitions. It was very sad to see how in some cases the children are the last one’s considered as far as saying goodbye’s to foster parents or communication from one home to the next. We also talked about transitioning children from a foster home back into their birth parent’s homes. After break the teachers talked about dissolutions and disruptions in adoptive families. Apparently sometimes the match between child and family just does not work and has to be dissolved. The teachers stressed that this is in no way commonplace but needs to be addressed in order to avoid situations that may lead to dissolutions. Disruptions may happen, but the point is to get help before the situation escalates into something further.

Now we only have 3 classes left!

We’ve had a pretty good week so far. Over the weekend we got to help run a water station for the West Branch Bear Stampede 5k and 10k races. My work was sponsoring it and I knew G and L would love it, and rarely are we on the side of race routes. L loved handing out water to the runners and G thoroughly enjoyed gathering all the used cups after runners had thrown them along the race route. 🙂 It was a bit chilly that morning but a lot of fun!

G: the extraordinary cup picker-upper!

Workin’ it

So proud!

So proud!

L, everyone’s favorite cup-hander-outer

I feel like I am behind in life lately; not getting as much done at home as I need to be. At the time I have completed 6 loads of laundry just today, but still have 8 freezer meals to make before Saturday and groceries to buy before I can start them. *sigh* But I guess we did get the remainder of our garden planted over the weekend. It now includes spinach, lettuce mix, green beans, sugar snap peas, carrots (although I have not seen any of their green head poking up yet…), zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and of course marigolds to keep away the pests. Everything is looking great except those darn carrots!

We are really liking the warm weather. Windows open, dirty bare feet, and popsicles!!!

Easy living

Easy living

Have a great week!

-The Costello’s

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