Three’s Company: Family systems and……Ironman

No, we did not learn about Ironman in this week’s class. However, it has been the ONLY topic of conversation with G lately. For some reason, his focus in life has completely shifted to Ironman, away from all other superheroes (for the time being). He talks about Ironman. He sleeps with Ironman movie case. He makes boards and sticks into ‘Ironman suits’. He says he wants to grow up someday to be Ironman. He came home the other day and told me “Mom, I don’t want Batman cake anymore for my happy birthday. I changed my mind. I want IRONMAN cake!”.  I’m pretty new to this cake decorating business and not sure how I am going to pull that one off. The Batman symbol was going to be so much easier!!! As I’m writing this post, G is watching Ironman while eating his breakfast. He’s only been up since 5:45am requesting it….

This week in class we learned about family systems and the impact of fostering or adopting. We did some role playing with learning how help biological children with their feelings and questions about foster/adoptive children. We drew an Eco-map to show what takes and gives energy to our families. We also drew a Family map showing relationships between members of our families at this time and how we are related. We have 2 weeks left of class. Next week is several different speakers who will talk to our class about different aspects of foster/adoptive care.  Our last session, week 10, has something to do with a potluck, that’s all I know about that. 😉

Today is G’s last day to see his speech therapist, Robin.  Robin is moving and will no longer be with the clinic that G goes to. Robin has been seeing G since last September I believe, and he has made tremendous gains with her help.  He adores Robin and looks forward to seeing her each week. From his progress reports and my conversations with Robin, G works very hard for her and really enjoys his time with her. We are all sad to see her go. I have not really broke the news to G because I’m not sure how he will take it. Guess that will be the conversation on the way down to her clinic today. G will continue to see another therapist there while they are in the process of hiring an additional speech therapist to take Robin’s place. We sure will miss her!!

Last weekend we did what I wish we could do every weekend!  On Saturday L and I went garage saleing at Eldridge city-wide sales for the better half of the day and found some great deals!!! There seems to be an abundance of girl’s clothes size 5T and smaller, but NOTHING for boys over the age of 1. Guess boys are a *little* harder on stuff sometimes. We also snagged some Disney movies and other fun stuff. G played with his friend down the street all day and I only once had to stop their fun. Dragging all the toys (including the large slide and toybox) down the street to the neighbor’s house was just not a good idea for these 2 boys. We had pizza for dinner at a park and the kids played. We returned home to have s’mores over our fire pit, complete with G’s little preschool friend from down the street.  J and G slept in the tent in our yard that night and it only rained on them once. 😉

L thoroughly enjoys sand!

Sunday we went to church, visited family, and had lunch with family. Then we ventured over to Salsbury Bridge and did a little canoeing. The Muscatine Conservation Board had a ‘try-it’ day for kids and their families to try out canoes, kayaks, etc. G asked about it all day and we were sure to explain everything to him so he would not be scared. He’s the kind of kid that will completely clam up if pressured to do anything or if he’s not prepared. It seemed to work okay however, because we got there and he insisted on wanting to canoe alone. Uh-huh. You’re not that big, little man. He then put on a lifejacket, grabbed an oar, and climbed right into the canoe! J took him out for about 25 mins while L and I watched from the shores and bridge. Fun stuff! Now if you know of anyone selling a canoe, we might be interested….;)



Me and mini-me

Me and mini-me

G ready to go!

G ready to go!

Seriously. Could they BE any more alike?!

Seriously. Could they BE any more alike?!

Off they go!

Off they go!





Today’s day off to-do list includes ambitious ideas of making 4 lasagnas (2 for us and 2 to pass on), sorting through and packing away kid’s winter clothes, getting all laundry put away, attending speech therapy and the grocery store, and making chocolate chip cookies for work tomorrow. Since it’s also raining today, I’m hoping to throw a nap in the mix. We’ll see how much of that gets accomplished!

Have a great week!

-The Costello’s

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