Three’s Company: Spoken from the heart

This week’s PS-MAPP was a nice change of pace from previous week’s. We have been in class for 9 weeks now and the classes usually follow a similar format. This week, however, we had 3 outside speakers to listen to.

The first was a Matching Specialist for Iowa Kids Net. She is the person who gets the call when a child is ready to go into foster care/adoption and it is her job to place that child with a family that is a good fit. She said that she gets a variety of referrals for children; some that need to be placed within 2 hours all the way up to 30 days. It just depends on the situation.

The second speaker was a Post-adoption Support Specialist. This is the lady whom you call after an adoption takes place if you need help. She said that she gets calls for anything from just wanting to talk and vent to someone needing help finding their child a therapist to parents wanting to find an outlet for used clothes, carseats, etc.  Have to admit, this lady was kind of intimidating with her stories. We realize that most (if not all) children who are adopted may have some issues sometime in their life because of their losses, but this lady talked a lot about institutionalization, etc. Then in the next breath she would talk about how there are so many good kids out there that need a home.  Jeremiah wrote me a note while she was talking (yes we were passing notes!) and said ‘Are you scared yet?’ But we have to remember that this is what this lady does for a living and she sees a lot of ….everything.

The third speaker was by far the best. This was a mom who told her story of having her children taken away by DHS due to various reasons.  In her very emotional talk, she told us about what led up to her children being taken away, what she had to go through to get her children back, working with and learning a lot from the foster mom and eventually getting her children back into her home. It was a very griping speech of raw emotion that had us all on the edge of our seats, feeling her pain. This mom is now a Parent Partner and works as a mentor with parents who are going through exactly what she did.

The rest of the class consisted of some lecture and a few videos, one about teens in foster care that gave an interesting (sometimes forgotten) viewpoint from an older child’s perspective. We have one more class that will tie up all the lose ends and we have a potluck! We are hoping to keep in touch with a few of the different couples that we have met through class, hoping that they might be a good support system for us and just good people to know!

The rest of our week has consisted of, um, the new porch. Haha! But really, it has taken a great deal of our time. Tonight we are tamping and digging post holes and maybe getting a start on the railing, all weather permitting (fun fun). The mud pit has been contained, for now, and the stairs are now useable as the concrete has cured enough to walk down them (somewhat gingerly).

G started speech with his new therapist today, Stephanie. I think he still misses Robin, but Stephanie said he did very well today. She was impressed with the amount of complete sentences he was able to string together since she last saw him a few months ago when Robin was on maternity leave.  Last week Robin gave us the results of G’s latest language sample that revealed he had increased from 65% intelligibility with talking to 90%!!!! A huge improvement! He also improved his grammar and vocabulary. Hooray!!!!

Last day with Robin :(

Last day with Robin 😦

Today after speech we had a picnic in the park and fed the ducks and geese. G got a little too friendly with one and got his finger chomped on, but other than that it was a good day!

Feeding the ducks

Feeding the ducks


L 🙂

Got my first picking of spinach and leaf lettuce today from our garden! Dinner tonight is homemade pizza with beer bread crust (amazing!), spinach from the garden, turkey pepperoni, red onion, pineapple and lotsa spice and cheese. Yummy!

Pizza and helpers (ie mess makers)!

Pizza and helpers (ie mess makers)!

Have a great week!

-The Costello’s



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