We’ve been growing around here!


“If you want to hear God laugh, just tell him your plans…”

We’ve got some great news! Jeremiah and I have always wanted a big family. We both come from families of 3 kids and have always known that siblings are where it’s at. Family is important. We love the dynamics, the craziness and the love of big families. And it looks like we are on our way to becoming one of them…..

Baby Costello #3! On the way!

Baby Costello #3! On the way!

Surprise! Are you surprised?! Well we all were! 😉

As most of you know, we have been attending adoption classes in order to obtain our adoption license to adopt through Iowa Kids Net. Well, as apparently frequently happens, we found out that Costello Child #3 has decided to come to us not as an adopted child, but as a biological sibling to G and L! Our instructors said that this is actually a common occurrence of parents attending adoption classes. But our classes were not a waste, and I was not leading you all on. We still very much want to adopt. We are going to complete our classes and we will have a window of a few years in order to obtain the license and then seek a child. Hopefully by then we will be ready to add Costello Child #4 to the clan. 🙂

Baby C #3 is due December 14, 2013. We are so excited! As much of an unexpected blessing as this has been, it has been amazing. G and L have seen their new baby brother/sister via ultrasound several times. They are both excited (right now anyways!) to have a new sibling. And G is always talking about how they will be able to share a room. We are seeing the same midwife who helped catch L, whom we love. (Jeremiah would like to note that HE actually caught L!) She is a Christian, healthcare provider, mother, adoptive mother herself, and an overall wonderful person whom we have faith will help us bring another beautiful baby into the world. I am 12 weeks along and beginning to get a bit of a baby bump already. 🙂

We are all very excited for our family to grow! Now, for the 6 months left of the pregnancy journey….

-The {growing} Costello’s!!!

One thought on “We’ve been growing around here!

  1. I have been following your blog and really thinking of creating one myself. I love some of the things you have said or other ideas you have brought to the table. I have to tell you when I saw the “shoes 2013” photos I thought you had already gotten a foster/adoption child on the way or in the works… I got so very excited for you.
    Tony and I actually are on the path of wanting a larger family than I think we both originally had wanted so I think it is great. We have met some wonderful people recently who adopted from a different country and tying all of the stories together is just so awesome knowing people like them and you. You have a lot to give Costello family!!! 🙂

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