3rd pregnancy musings

They say each pregnancy is different. So far with Baby C #3 some things have been different and some have been the same compared to G and L’s pregnancies. One thing is a little different; I/we have a lot going on this time around. 2 preschool kids, working full time (for now), J just graduating and in the process of securing a job, and having just a lot of ‘life’ going on….to say the least, things have been busy.

I’m sure there are many other moms of littles out there that can totally relate.

With that being said, here are a few of my reflections from Baby C #3’s pregnancy thus far:

-When you are pregnant with Baby C #3, you develop a love for Jacked Doritos: Ranch Dipped Hot Wings. Don’t ask why, but they are one of the few things that sounded good the first few months. I have to limit my intake. To make matters even better, my midwife suggested eating potato chips for morning sickness, as one of the recent studies she read had shown a positive effect on pregnancy induced nausea. Guess what–they work! You also thoroughly enjoy cottage cheese (like 3 tubs per week!), Greek yogurt, fudge popsicles, roasted red pepper hummus, milk, and did I mention cottage cheese? I can hardly even look at a vegetable right now….

-When you are pregnant with Baby C #3, you become obsessed with newborn cloth diapers. You spend endless amounts of time on ebay, busy/sell/trade diaper facebook groups, diaper co-op groups, and the like. With G and L, we never cloth diapered until the babes were about 2 weeks old for various reasons, one of which being that the diaper was almost as big as the baby! With some of these new ones I’m acquiring, they are fit just for newborns, anywhere from 4-10lbs. Love! Some of my latest finds (for a running total of 20 diapers


Happy Flute Orange Dots Micro Sueded Fabric One Size Pocket Diapers

-When you are pregnant with Baby C #3, sometimes you just have to eat pizza 5 times in one week. Homemade, leftovers, and take-out. It’s not a crime, it’s just what happens when you don’t feel like eating much else, and for some reason pizza really seems to sit ok in your tumultuous belly. That and Jacked Doritos…… Not sure why my babies crave junk food, but it has been like that 3 times now. At least they are ‘good’ eaters when they come out of the womb and I can return to eating vegetables!

-When you are pregnant with Baby C #3, your house occasionally  frequently  usually looks like the living room pictured below. And guess what, you don’t care too much. Your kids seem to enjoy heaping toys in a pile and making a ‘boat’ out of your couch cushions, so you leave it. If they are happy and entertained, so is your pregnant self. This leaves you more time to browse cloth diaper sales online….;)

Don't judge....

Don’t judge….

-When you are pregnant with Baby C #3, you spend more time on the couch than you ever have in your mommyhood.  You and your kids get caught up on Disney movies, new and old. The Little Mermaid is even better when you are 20 years older than the last time you saw it!

-When you are pregnant with Baby C #3, you feel every Braxton hicks contraction, beginning at about 6wks; – yes they come that early. Forget that most moms-to-be don’t feel them until around 20 weeks, this mama gets the fun of them right away!

-When you are pregnant with Baby C #3, it is necessary to stop running. Running still feels great, but the terrible sickness that I endure for the rest of the day following a good run is just not worth it. I stopped running with G around 16 wks, and with L around 12 wks. Guess Baby C #3 is right on track! Bring on the walking and prenatal exercise videos! 😉

Overall, I actually enjoy being pregnant. Once the nausea subsides and I look more pregnant than full of pizza, life will be even better. 🙂

-The {growing} Costello’s

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