Three’s Company: Ending and Beginnings

Good evening from Spiderman (AKA Gabriel)

Good evening from Spiderman (AKA Gabriel)

We had our last PS-MAPP class on Tuesday night, the end of 10 weeks. It was sad, yet exciting. The class was appropriately titled ‘Endings and Beginnings’. For us, this is end of our adoption journey for the time being and the beginning of our journey with Baby C #3.  Many (most) of the families in our class will be licensed to adopt or foster by mid-August. They are very excited! We are sad to see the end of our class, but yet very excited for what is to come and to see how God intends our family to grow. We had to fill out a drop-out form (they had a nicer name for it) that stated why we were not pursuing licensing at this time and what our plans were. We have 18 months from the first day of our PS-MAPP class to re-apply for adoption. By then, Baby C #3 will only be around 9 months old. After that we will have to go through the home study and licensing process, which can take a good deal of time. Hopefully after that we will be given an adoption placement and Baby C #3 will be a bit older. We will probably look for a child that is 0-6 years old by then, so they are not older than our G. I’m excited to see how this all unfolds!

Tuesday night was a potluck, and we had everything from a sheet cake to chicken tacos to meatballs to cheerio bars. Yummy! We did a few activities of talking about support for foster and adoptive parents and why it is important to access it.  We also filled out some final paperwork and gave feedback to the instructors, who were great. We got a list of all of our classmates and their addresses and emails so we can keep in touch.

Gabriel competed in his first kid’s triathlon over the weekend at the Muscatine YMCA. This mama could not be prouder! The triathlon consisted of a ‘swim’ of slip’n’slides and sprinklers; a ‘bike’ of riding trikes and big wheels down a paved path; and a ‘run’ consisting of an obstacle course of climbing over hay bales, through mud and water pools.  G loved it all and was in heat 2 of 9; there were 100+ kids there. He did a great job of racing, except for the whole part of going around the ‘swim’ portion of the race. Other than that he killed it! He passed at least 4 kids on the ‘bike’ and zipped right through the ‘run’.  L watched from my backpack and took notes for next year. She did get her feet wet a bit at the end, but the hay bales were too ‘oww’ for her. After all the kids went through once, the kids could go through again, and G took full advantage of this, with another 3 rounds. Our little triathlete in training!

Couldn't go through, had to go around, I guess

Couldn’t go through, had to go around, I guess

Passing on the trike!

Passing on the trike!

Just beginning the 'run'

Just beginning the ‘run’

L helps G cross the finish line :)

L helps G cross the finish line 🙂


We finished the afternoon with ice cream, a graduation party, and a trip to Wildwood for dinner. What better motivation to run fast?!


Too much triathlon?

Too much triathlon?

A humorous end to the weekend: L and I took a nap on Sunday. I woke up to the following pictures on my camera. The explanation from J? “Sarah, I needed a 42″ post hole. I now know that G is 42″ tall!”

G the measuring stick

G the measuring stick

Not quite deep enough, Dad!

Not quite deep enough, Dad!

Have a great week!

-The {growing} Costello’s

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