Gabriel is 4!

Happy 4th birthday to our Gabriel today! 4 years ago Gabriel was born after a massive thunderstorm, and we were forever changed as a family.

39 weeks pregnant with G. Oh baby!

5am. In labor. IV antibiotics. Lovely.

Even at a few hours old he was so alert!

First family photo!

Baptized at 10 days old.

Then he started to grow…

And grow….

And grow…

And grow….

And grow…

And grow….

And grow!!!!

And grow!!!!

Gabriel has really blossomed into a young boy who is such a great person to know and love. G, G-force, G-man, Gabriel, whatever you call him, he’s a great kid. G is completely obsessed with Ironman, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, any kind of ‘save the day’ guy.  He sleeps in said pajamas with additional mask next to him in bed. He thoroughly enjoys doing anything and everything like his Daddy and Papa. He is curious, mischevious, compassionate, and concerned. He LOVES to be outside and prefers to sleep and live there. He spends more time in his sandbox and riding his bike than he does sleeping. He is an extrovert and enjoys his time in Sunday School, speech, Vacation Bible School, and will begin preschool this fall. He doesn’t care much for greens, sleep, showers, or getting his picture taken. His feelings are hurt easily and has needs help finding a constructive outlet for his energy sometimes. He loves popsicles, puzzles, going to work with Daddy, the park, and the bears living in his room named ‘Blue’ and ‘Mike’. He is a great kid!

G has grown so much over the past year. I wrote a blog post just after his birthday last year, when he turned 3 titled Trying 3’s.   He has grown, changed, and matured so much since then. He is becoming increasingly independent and prefers to do things on his own (which usually means shoes on the wrong feet, shirt on backwards and shorts inside out!).

We are really excited for G as he continues to grow up. I am so sad that my *baby* is no longer a baby (and has not been for awhile). He is an awesome person and I can’t wait to see where life leads him.

Happy 4th birthday, G!!!!!

-The {growing} Costello’s

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