The joy of a rest

Tomorrow, I’m 21 weeks pregnant with Baby C #3.  And I’m beginning to realize that I’m not as young as I was 2 and 4 years ago, when I was last pregnant, meaning that pregnancy is taking a bit more of a toll on me this time around.  In short, I’m tired. By the end of a work day, I’m exhausted.  I mean SPENT.  On days that I work, getting something for the kids to eat and walking to the couch is about the extent of my activity for the evening.  Days at home are better, but still very, very tiring.  Having 2 to run after instead of 0 or 1 is different, but I think there’s something more to it.

That being said, I’m sitting down on this BEAUTIFUL Saturday afternoon and taking a rest.  I have my first batch of homemade spaghetti sauce in the crock pot (veggies from my garden!), I’m watching J wash and wax our new (to us!) Expedition, G is entertaining himself by making an obstacle course out of random things in the yard (he is a PT’s son!!!) and L is napping.  🙂

8 seats....gas mileage not as impressive ;)

8 seats….gas mileage not as impressive 😉

Yes, we got a big SUV.  J has been driving it to work this week and he loves it. We have driven it with the kids a few times and, man!, is there room in there! It seats 8 and without the 3rd row the back is huge. What I love about it is that it does not feel like driving a school bus. I can drive, park, and switch lanes without feeling like I’m going to hit someone or something, which is not something I can say about some of the others we test drove. It was very well-maintained by it’s previous owner who’s father just happened to be a mechanic.  *yes!*  3 carseats will easily fit across the 2nd row or we can add the 3rd row for even more bodies or to spread out the kids. Seems we frequently could use the extra space 🙂 Works great!!!!  And my favorite feature: it’s paid for! Hooray!  We will probably have to add something like a van or Flex in the next while and eliminate my beloved Zephyr, but for now it should work.

Snoozing in the backseat after the fair

Snoozing in the backseat after the fair

We ventured the Expedition to the Mississippi Valley Fair this week. It’s a Costello family tradition and a lot of the kids in the family show animals. Ours are not old enough to show yet, but we still go and have a good time. The kids rode a few rides, enjoyed all the various shows and booths and face painting!  We watched some cousins show cattle and ate yumminess at the family picnic. G got to handmake a rope and they both ate more ice cream cones than any child should ingest, courtesy of Papa Bart. 😉 Great day!  Gabriel has been asking daily since then to go back to the fair, guess we’ll have to start 4-H sooner than we think……   And if you want your children to sleep from 6pm to 7am, just take them to the fair for the day, works like a charm 😉





Had to have something princess, so we settled on a princess crown

Had to have something princess, so we settled on a princess crown

G attended his 3rd VBS this week in the evenings and had a ball. It was at a smaller church in town, and they had a really adorable closing ceremony on Friday night that I did not cry sobbed while watching. I’m blaming the pregnancy hormones, but really it was just touching to see our little man up there singing “Jesus loves me” along with other songs and acting {mostly} respectable. While he was busy with that in the evenings, L and I had time to play babies, princess, and dress up. All the girl stuff she just loves. And she insists on wearing layers upon layers of outfits at once. Cracks me up!

Miss L :)

Miss L 🙂

Have a great week!

The {growing} Costello’s


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