The freezer stash

The month marks the 1 year anniversary of beginning our freezer meal exchange group in my mom’s group. Corney that I know the anniversary of this? Yes, very much so.  Ironically, our group is not meeting this month due to several people being out of town.  I usually make a few additional meals for our own freezer stash to get us through the month, and today I thought I’d change my family blog to a food/cooking blog entry and share with all you other foodies what’s hiding out in my freezer this month.  I did a big cooking day Sunday and it really only took me a few hours, which I was happy with. I got 10 meals socked away in that time! Boo-yah!

10 meals in!

10 meals in!

This may seem like a lot of work for a preggo mommy, but I cannot tell you how much time, stress, and headache this saves me during the week. A lot of what I make is crock pot friendly, so J or I just pop it in in the morning and it’s done (sometimes overdone!) by the time we get home. Otherwise I just throw the meal in the oven about 2 hrs before we want to eat and it’s done in perfect time. I make large batches so we usually have leftovers or enough if someone stops by. I have acquired a pretty good list of freezer recipes but I’m always looking at more!

Can’t say my house is in as good of shape as my freezer right now. J is doing some last minute planning for his first day of teaching and I tried to keep the kids occupied in the middle of all the prep work. They did bubbles on the deck, playdoh, had popsicles, colored, and made a gigantic fort in the living room, in addition to spreading their toys alllllllll over the house.

Recipe links here:

Man Pleasing Chicken (I made 2 of these)

Creamy chipotle black bean chicken

Tomato tortellini soup

Apple pie pork chops and stuffing

Baked ziti with pork and ‘hidden zucchini’ (I made 2 of these)  ** Had this for dinner and was really good! Omitted a lot of the cheese though**

Chicken cacciatore (I made 2 of these)

Pork roast with apples and onions

I modify a lot of these recipes, add veggies, etc.


This mama is headed for the couch!

Have a great week!

-The {growing} Costello’s

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