The truth about date nights

Last night Jeremiah and I got the rare chance to go out on a date. Before we got married, dates were once or twice every week and expensive! After we got married and I was in grad school, dates were a little less frequent and MUCH cheaper! Now that we have 2 kiddos and 1 on the way, date nights are few and far between. I am partly okay with this, as I love to spend as much time with our kids as possible, and sometimes feel like family time is more do-able. But, I love having time to spend just with Jeremiah and we do cherish date nights!

Cut to the chase. Last night we had a date night, probably the first in several months that did not involve a scheduled function or having the kids along with us. I was telling J in the car how I always romanticize  date nights, picturing something much more grand and elaborate than actually happens. I always enjoy date nights, no matter what we do, but things are just different once you have a brood of kids and not always the most time to just sit and do nothing. If you don’t know what I mean, consider my musings below:

-Date night ‘dream’: Kiddlets will be bathed, fed and ready for a relaxing and fun evening with their sitter (usually an aunt, uncle, or grandparent) by the time we are ready to leave.

-Date night ‘truth’: Kiddlets are frantically rounded up into the car, after being woken maybe a bit too early from naps.  I have diapers, pj’s, money, snacks packed. We take a detour to check out a newly listed acreage and arrive 45 mins later than expected to family’s house who have graciously loaned us their evening time to hang with the kids.

-Date night ‘dream’: Dinner is elaborate, fancy and accompanied with drinks, appetizer, dessert and good conversation in a relaxing environment.

-Date night ‘truth’: We arrive to our reservation only 5 mins late (not too bad, right!?) after J gives me a drive-by tour of his new school where he will be teaching. We order right away, and I can hardly wait to eat as the baby inhabiting my belly has become quite the eater in the past few weeks. Food comes and good conversation comes to a halt for about 10 mins as I devour my food and then wonder where the closest good ice cream shop is……  Dinner is a bit cheaper than we used to do in the dating days, but ever-so delicious, maybe more so.

-Date night ‘dream’: The rest of the date night consists of something ‘daters’ do; a winery, walk along the river, movie, coffeehouse/ice cream parlor,  mini-golf, whatever.

-Date night ‘truth’: The rest of the date night is focused on getting some things accomplished without 2 extra little ones tagging along. We look for more teaching clothes for J (since his school starts class on Monday!) , fall clothes for kids, and we get groceries together.  I know, kinda lame. But doing things this way was much more enjoyable and less time consuming. The other alternative was to go after church the next day and that tends to get hairy. J got a bunch of new threads and we got in and out of the grocery store in record time.  We ran into several people we know; a previous CC runner of J’s, a past coworker of J’s, and an associate at Kohl’s who was just infatuated with my baby bump, to name a few. And we got ice cream 🙂

-Date night ‘dream’: Home at a decent time, kids in bed before we get there, and we all get well-rested for the next day.

-Date night ‘truth’: Shopping got a little long winded, and we didn’t end up picking up the kids until after 10:30pm. We got the report for the evening that the kids had a blast, but Lucy threw up all over her grandpa and seems feverish. She has not been feeling well since about 9pm. We take the naked Lucy, Gabriel, a bag of puked on  clothes, and our car full of $200 of groceries home and unpack it all, getting to bed around midnight. Whose idea was the groceries, anyways!?

I digress.  Our date nights are not always like this and don’t end with a puking child. We love any time we get with each other, no matter what we do.

To make things better, the kids were up at 6am today and Lucy proceeded to dry heave. 😦  Sorrry about the gorey details, but you all will be happy to know she is feeling much better and has not gotten sick today.  We are hoping it’s just a 24 hr bug.

I'm cute!

I’m cute!

Have a great week!  And go out on a date night with your significant other or spouse! You never know what adventures are in store!  😉

-The {growing} Costello’s

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