IT’S A……….

First family of 5 picture!

First family of 5 picture!

This afternoon we had the great joy of seeing Baby C #3 via routine ultrasound. I have to say this is one of my most favorite parts of pregnancy. Ultrasounds are so clear nowadays that you can make out baby’s lips, limbs, toes, fingers, organs, heart, brain, and of course GENDER!  However, Baby C #3 will remain just that; a BABY. As with G and L’s pregnancies, we chose not to find out the gender. 🙂

We had to make the ultrasound appointment for the latest time available, which was only 4pm, and of course they had no openings on Wednesdays (my scheduled day off). So we opted for a Tuesday, and J had to leave school as fast as he could to make it. The ultrasound tech was great and did a complete re-cap for J when he arrived of anything he had missed. Aunt Mel happily obliged to go along and see Baby C #3 and help keep G and L in line. I loved having her there and G and L behaved quite well!

Baby C #3 was quite cooperative, and all his/her body parts were very visible. We got a whole packet of sweet pictures and everything looked great!


So cute!

So cute!


After that we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. The baby was craving wings (usually is!), it was 60 cent wing night, I had a gift card, and the service was incredibly fast! What more can you ask for?

L had to chose the 'Wing Man' hat. Hahaha!

L had to chose the ‘Wing Man’ hat. Hahaha!

J had to return to school to tie up some loose ends from the day, so I took the kiddos home. We listed to G repeatedly sing a chorus from one of his songs he learned at a VBS until it became suspiciously quiet in the backseat. He was out like a light. Figures.

At home I gave the kids a bath and we watched a few minutes of “Extreme Weight Loss”.  G and L proceeded to tell me that they love to exercise, with G’s favorites being pushups and riding his bike. So proud!

I have tomorrow ‘off’, but the kids and I have another busy day of preschool physicals, work lunch meeting, then family church pictures in the evening. Whew. Oh and I scoped out another couple gallons of tomatoes ready in the garden and there are 4 loads of laundry/diapers to fold……..

Have a great week!

-The {growing} Costello’s

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