3rd Pregnancy Musings: 3rd trimester with Baby C #3

28 weeks marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester for Baby C #3, which is this weekend! I thought I would write my musings now as I did in the 1st trimester. Here goes:

In the beginning of your 3rd trimester, you find some crazy obsession with cooking. You have always loved cooking, but lately it has become borderline compulsive. That deep freeze MUST. BE. FULL. by the time baby arrives (or so you feel).  You delve into freezer cooking, prepping for every meal of the day, and consider buying a second refrigerator/freezer in order to keep all your deliciousness fresh.  If you are hungry and in our neighborhood, stop buy, there’s always something in the freezer 😉

In the beginning of your 3rd trimester, the lack of a formal, real, mechanical dishwasher in your home has become apparent. You don’t get the dishes done every day, or other day……or sometimes more than 2x/week. Oops. Your back aches with the standing and bending over the sink, so you get used to the sight of the dreaded dishes. Ugh. Your mother and sister come to your rescue as ‘dish fairies’ sometimes—so nice!!!!

In the beginning of your 3rd trimester, you sometimes leave clothes on the clothesline for several days at a time. Why? Because the midwest *finally* received rain for a full day and you just happened to have clothes out there. Bring them into the dryer? Nah. Let them hang and wait a few more days until they dry. Sounds good. Gives the neighbors something to talk about 😉

In the beginning of your 3rd trimester, you attend a Kinesiotaping course. You are the only pregnant attendee, and are asked if your pregnant belly can be taped. Your classmate chronicles the lesson:

He made me stand like that!!!

He made me stand like that!!!

In the beginning of your 3rd trimester, your children adore going to the midwife. Midwife Kim lets G and L sit on the table and help with the doppler to hear baby’s heartbeat.  They also get a sticker and a sucker before we leave (what’s better!?).  You secretly hope that midwife Kim is right when she suggests that maybe L will become a midwife someday so you can live vicariously through her. (Sqeee!!!) You consider buying one of those birthing dolls just to foster the interest for L. 😉

In the beginning of your 3rd trimester, your 2 older children become obsessed with your belly. G asks to drive his cars across it. L applies princess stickers in decoration around your belly button. L asks if there is a baby in her belly. L likes to use her stethoscope to listen for baby’s thump-thump heartbeat on your belly, as well as her own. G and L do their best to avoid using your belly as a handle for pushing to get up off the couch.  L puts her face directly up to your belly and yells, ‘Come out new baby!!!’  They insist on peeking at your bare belly to see if they can really ‘see’ the baby.

In the beginning of your 3rd trimester, you have already had several conversations with G about how the baby comes out. You give him the anatomically correct story, but he is still confused. G continues to ask if the baby comes out when ‘they cut the mommy’s head off’. Ummmmm………what? And where did he get that?!

In the beginning of your 3rd trimester, your relaxin hormones are in overdrive making all your joints excessively lax. Simple things like moving your leg between the gas/brake pedals in the car causes your entire lumbar spine to manipulate.  Your left sacroiliac joint is in constant motion and you are sure the front of your pelvis is separating. A groan can be heard when you get in or out of the car or rolling over.

In the beginning of your 3rd trimester, Baby C#3 is still way too comfortable, and breech. You spend a lot of time crawling around with G and L and your pediatric patients on the floor, encouraging baby to turn.  They love it and you are just multitasking!  You also squat whenever possible (thank you Bradley classes) to color Cinderella pictures, clean up spilled food, fold laundry, pick tomatoes,etc.

In the beginning of your 3rd trimester (and 2nd), you are HOT. Hot in the terms of warm, burning up, simmering, sweating. You are very sensitive to temperature. You are sure to turn the air conditioning down to no higher than 72 degrees at night. Any given night you forget to adjust the temp? You wake up, 2am (always), sweating, venture downstairs where the thermostat reads 74. No wonder! No matter what night, the same thing occurs. You are sure to check for 72 degrees (on nights you can remember!)

Carry on, carry on.

Have a great week!

-The {growing} Costellos

The twos

L -- age 2 months

L — age 2 months

I’m not sure when this happened, but some time in the past week my mild mannered, easy going, always a joy toddler Lucy has become…well….a toddler of the terrible two’s and going on 13.

I hear so many people talk about the ‘terrible twos’.  Don’t get me wrong, we have had plenty of our share of the twos.  Gabriel went through this stage from age 18 mo to 3.5 yrs. Terrible twos? More like the terrible 1, 2 and 3’s.  Ugh.

I was confident that Lucy was going to skip the terrible twos. She turned 2 in April and has always been very easy going, roll with the punches (from her loving brother), happy go lucky kind of kid. I thought she would just skip this phase and move on to the ‘trying threes’. Fast forward to present day.

L -- age 2

L — age 2

Something happened. Someone grew up. Lucy now:

-throws anything and everything. Forks at dinner, toys, bathwater, clothes, herself down on the floor. When she gets in trouble for it, she sweetly and innocently looks at me and says ‘Ok, Mommy!’. (Side note- I have to admit that she has a great arm!)

-refuses any clothes or shoes that I pick out that are not related to princesses in any way. The girl only owns so many princess shirts and pjs. Mama can’t wash them all every day. Sometimes ya just have to wear the pink shirt WITHOUT the princess/flower picture or tutu bottom.

-does not eat anything and everything put in front of her like she once did. Lucy ate everything as a baby and toddler. Now, if G sits down to the table prior to her and says something looks ‘yucky’, she will not eat it. Touch it. Or even look at it! Then the spilling begins…..

-names her babies. All are ‘Sofia’, ‘Sarah’, or ‘Princess Baby’. She is always asking for suggestions for names for her other babies, but none will ever do. All 94 of her babies have the same 3 names, ‘Sofia’, ‘Sarah’, or ‘Princess Baby’.

-refuses to have help with much of anything, including, but not limited to: brushing teeth, combing hair, washing hands, opening things, carrying dishes.

-adamantly demands to help ME with everything, including but not limited to: cooking, dressing, brushing hair, straightening hair, laundry, dishes, hanging clothes on the line, using a knife…….

-demands to wear a coat, daily. 80 degrees out? Pink polka dot jacket will look just fine according to Lucy. Hood up, please.

-speaks in 5-6 word sentences, with dramatic pauses between each word. Ummmm, is it ever quiet anymore?

-says things like ‘Hey, boy’, ‘No, honey’, ‘One minute, honey’, ‘Oh, honey’, ‘Okie dokie!’ {Note- I do not refer to anyone as ‘honey’, only the food!}

-carries on a conversation, but with a lot of questions. ‘Why Mom?’, ‘What doing?’.

-throws tantrums. Day not going her way? She will lay on the floor, face down and cry. Occasionally she will fall asleep in this position!

I know Lucy will get through this phase, just like her brother did, but hopefully in a bit of a quicker fashion!!! 😉

September Freezer Stash

I learned 3 important things this month while doing my freezer shopping and cooking:

1) Always enlist the help of your husband, and give him the ‘easy’ recipes. He helped me with cooking; I helped him set up his blogging unit for his students today. Win-win!

2) Cooking goes much smoother, quicker, and is much less messy when completed when the kiddos are asleep!

3) The new Expedition can haul a massive amount of groceries.


That being said, here’s the lineup (with links) of what J and I completed in only 2.5 hours last night from 8-10:30pm. Wahoo!!

Honey Lime Chicken

Baked Cheesy Spinach Tortellini (made 2)

Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken Drumsticks (made 2)

Crock Pot Orange Chicken (made 2)

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Moroccan Chicken Stew

Peach Glazed Pork Chops

Apple Pie Pork Chops

Spaghetti bake (made 2 for a friend)

I have another 5 meals that I have everything for and am meaning to prepare and freeze, but our deep freeze is FULL. I have never had this happen, but we have a whole pig and 1/4 beef in there in addition to everything else. I’m hoping to make the rest of these in the next few weeks to stash them away as we make room.

Clean Eating Beef and Barley Soup

Skinny Sweet and Sour Pork

Sloppy Tamale Pie

Autumn Sausage Stew

Pork Apple Meatballs

Hungry yet? 😉

We had one of our favorites for dinner tonight: Cranberry pineapple pork roast.  The smell of it combined with my *first* loaf of homemade bread from my new breadmaker was divine!

Have a great week!

-The {growing} Costellos


I realized while I was driving today that this week is one of many firsts. Some significant firsts, others not so much, but still fun to remember.

Our biggest first was G’s *first* day of preschool today.

Big man on campus!

Big man on campus!

We had been talking with G about preschool for several months. Aunt Mel had already outfitted him with a sweet Ironman backpack, he did the ‘backpack blessing’ at church, we bought a few new school clothes, and he was set. I knew it was time and I was so excited for him! I had always considered the idea of homeschooling, but at this point in our lives it is not feasible, and it is apparent to me that G is a very social, extroverted, and high energy child who will most likely learn better in a school environment. He got to be the first child to bring snacks to school, and he was stoked.

L and I dropped him off this morning and he knew right what to do. Found his locker, went nicely into the classroom, checked in with his teachers and began playing while all the other kids arrived. I was fighting back the moist eyes when I told him ‘bye’ and that L and I would return for him in just a short time. He exclaimed ‘Bye Mom! Bye Lucy!’ and that was it. He was so happy to be there and be a big preschooler 🙂 The staff is great and so friendly, the curriculum is well rounded and includes religion, and G already seems familiar with the small school. Works for us!

Loves having a locker to himself!

Loves having a locker to himself!

When we picked him up, I found that things had went well and G was happy that he got to bring home the remainder of the snacks, of all things! I asked a lot of questions and then he said “I like days like this”. I asked him what he meant and he replied “Days I go to preschool. I like days like that.”   When we got home, an amazing thing happened. I asked G to go and wash his hands for lunch. I went in the bathroom and he was actually washing his hands the way I had *repeatedly* tried to get him to do over the past year or more. You know, the novel idea of doing more than just splashing around and maybe touching your hands together once or twice. I asked him if he learned that today at preschool, he replied that indeed he did. Amazing. Apparently sometimes it just takes someone other than the child’s mother to get a point across!

L was upset she could not also go to preschool, along with her big bro. She will probably be ready by next year, however, for the 3 year old class; she was checking out all the princess backpacks walking in today. 😉  Anyhoo, I took her to to her *first* Art for Tots class at the Muscatine Art Center while G was at school. I used to take G when he was younger, and figured it would be fun for her now and something to occupy her while he was at school. We did 3 projects with a horse theme and L loved it!

Say 'horsey'!

Say ‘horsey’!

Thursday is J’s cross country team’s *first* meet of the season in Iowa City. He is excited!  I have not seen much of the CC team this year, as they have been practicing 5 days/week at 6am and 7am on Sundays. The schedule seems to be working well with J’s job and the heat wave we’ve been under!

We did our *first* large family outing in the new Expedition over Labor Day weekend. We have an annual family picnic with my mom’s family each year at Backbone State Park near Strawberry Point, IA. Since we now have EIGHT seats, we are all able to ride together: my 4, my mom an dad, Aunt Mel and Uncle Mitch; that is until December when Baby C #3 inhabits one of the seats as well!  We all were able to travel together and it was a lot of fun. However, with that many people and a potluck in store, we had to enlist the help of a new cargo rack to accommodate all of our coolers, crockpots, and whatever else. The kids thought it was their new place to ride!

G, L and cousin T try it out

G, L and cousin T try it out

Waaaaaay back. They love it back there!

Waaaaaay back. They love it back there!

As for me and Baby C #3, we don’t have a specific *first* this week.  We are just keepin’ on, keepin’ on. I have recently decreased my work hours and have been feeling a lot better. The amount of fatigue I’m experiencing is  a lot better, even though the 3rd trimester is almost upon us!  Baby C #3 is definitely growing as I can no longer eat a big meal, roll over without groaning as my pelvis free floats and shifts in all directions, or pick up something off the floor without people offering to help. Yes, I must look like I need it! We are still working on a girl’s name, but may possibly have the boy’s name nailed down. 🙂

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and have a great week!

-The {growing} Costello’s