I realized while I was driving today that this week is one of many firsts. Some significant firsts, others not so much, but still fun to remember.

Our biggest first was G’s *first* day of preschool today.

Big man on campus!

Big man on campus!

We had been talking with G about preschool for several months. Aunt Mel had already outfitted him with a sweet Ironman backpack, he did the ‘backpack blessing’ at church, we bought a few new school clothes, and he was set. I knew it was time and I was so excited for him! I had always considered the idea of homeschooling, but at this point in our lives it is not feasible, and it is apparent to me that G is a very social, extroverted, and high energy child who will most likely learn better in a school environment. He got to be the first child to bring snacks to school, and he was stoked.

L and I dropped him off this morning and he knew right what to do. Found his locker, went nicely into the classroom, checked in with his teachers and began playing while all the other kids arrived. I was fighting back the moist eyes when I told him ‘bye’ and that L and I would return for him in just a short time. He exclaimed ‘Bye Mom! Bye Lucy!’ and that was it. He was so happy to be there and be a big preschooler 🙂 The staff is great and so friendly, the curriculum is well rounded and includes religion, and G already seems familiar with the small school. Works for us!

Loves having a locker to himself!

Loves having a locker to himself!

When we picked him up, I found that things had went well and G was happy that he got to bring home the remainder of the snacks, of all things! I asked a lot of questions and then he said “I like days like this”. I asked him what he meant and he replied “Days I go to preschool. I like days like that.”   When we got home, an amazing thing happened. I asked G to go and wash his hands for lunch. I went in the bathroom and he was actually washing his hands the way I had *repeatedly* tried to get him to do over the past year or more. You know, the novel idea of doing more than just splashing around and maybe touching your hands together once or twice. I asked him if he learned that today at preschool, he replied that indeed he did. Amazing. Apparently sometimes it just takes someone other than the child’s mother to get a point across!

L was upset she could not also go to preschool, along with her big bro. She will probably be ready by next year, however, for the 3 year old class; she was checking out all the princess backpacks walking in today. 😉  Anyhoo, I took her to to her *first* Art for Tots class at the Muscatine Art Center while G was at school. I used to take G when he was younger, and figured it would be fun for her now and something to occupy her while he was at school. We did 3 projects with a horse theme and L loved it!

Say 'horsey'!

Say ‘horsey’!

Thursday is J’s cross country team’s *first* meet of the season in Iowa City. He is excited!  I have not seen much of the CC team this year, as they have been practicing 5 days/week at 6am and 7am on Sundays. The schedule seems to be working well with J’s job and the heat wave we’ve been under!

We did our *first* large family outing in the new Expedition over Labor Day weekend. We have an annual family picnic with my mom’s family each year at Backbone State Park near Strawberry Point, IA. Since we now have EIGHT seats, we are all able to ride together: my 4, my mom an dad, Aunt Mel and Uncle Mitch; that is until December when Baby C #3 inhabits one of the seats as well!  We all were able to travel together and it was a lot of fun. However, with that many people and a potluck in store, we had to enlist the help of a new cargo rack to accommodate all of our coolers, crockpots, and whatever else. The kids thought it was their new place to ride!

G, L and cousin T try it out

G, L and cousin T try it out

Waaaaaay back. They love it back there!

Waaaaaay back. They love it back there!

As for me and Baby C #3, we don’t have a specific *first* this week.  We are just keepin’ on, keepin’ on. I have recently decreased my work hours and have been feeling a lot better. The amount of fatigue I’m experiencing is  a lot better, even though the 3rd trimester is almost upon us!  Baby C #3 is definitely growing as I can no longer eat a big meal, roll over without groaning as my pelvis free floats and shifts in all directions, or pick up something off the floor without people offering to help. Yes, I must look like I need it! We are still working on a girl’s name, but may possibly have the boy’s name nailed down. 🙂

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and have a great week!

-The {growing} Costello’s

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