The twos

L -- age 2 months

L — age 2 months

I’m not sure when this happened, but some time in the past week my mild mannered, easy going, always a joy toddler Lucy has become…well….a toddler of the terrible two’s and going on 13.

I hear so many people talk about the ‘terrible twos’.  Don’t get me wrong, we have had plenty of our share of the twos.  Gabriel went through this stage from age 18 mo to 3.5 yrs. Terrible twos? More like the terrible 1, 2 and 3’s.  Ugh.

I was confident that Lucy was going to skip the terrible twos. She turned 2 in April and has always been very easy going, roll with the punches (from her loving brother), happy go lucky kind of kid. I thought she would just skip this phase and move on to the ‘trying threes’. Fast forward to present day.

L -- age 2

L — age 2

Something happened. Someone grew up. Lucy now:

-throws anything and everything. Forks at dinner, toys, bathwater, clothes, herself down on the floor. When she gets in trouble for it, she sweetly and innocently looks at me and says ‘Ok, Mommy!’. (Side note- I have to admit that she has a great arm!)

-refuses any clothes or shoes that I pick out that are not related to princesses in any way. The girl only owns so many princess shirts and pjs. Mama can’t wash them all every day. Sometimes ya just have to wear the pink shirt WITHOUT the princess/flower picture or tutu bottom.

-does not eat anything and everything put in front of her like she once did. Lucy ate everything as a baby and toddler. Now, if G sits down to the table prior to her and says something looks ‘yucky’, she will not eat it. Touch it. Or even look at it! Then the spilling begins…..

-names her babies. All are ‘Sofia’, ‘Sarah’, or ‘Princess Baby’. She is always asking for suggestions for names for her other babies, but none will ever do. All 94 of her babies have the same 3 names, ‘Sofia’, ‘Sarah’, or ‘Princess Baby’.

-refuses to have help with much of anything, including, but not limited to: brushing teeth, combing hair, washing hands, opening things, carrying dishes.

-adamantly demands to help ME with everything, including but not limited to: cooking, dressing, brushing hair, straightening hair, laundry, dishes, hanging clothes on the line, using a knife…….

-demands to wear a coat, daily. 80 degrees out? Pink polka dot jacket will look just fine according to Lucy. Hood up, please.

-speaks in 5-6 word sentences, with dramatic pauses between each word. Ummmm, is it ever quiet anymore?

-says things like ‘Hey, boy’, ‘No, honey’, ‘One minute, honey’, ‘Oh, honey’, ‘Okie dokie!’ {Note- I do not refer to anyone as ‘honey’, only the food!}

-carries on a conversation, but with a lot of questions. ‘Why Mom?’, ‘What doing?’.

-throws tantrums. Day not going her way? She will lay on the floor, face down and cry. Occasionally she will fall asleep in this position!

I know Lucy will get through this phase, just like her brother did, but hopefully in a bit of a quicker fashion!!! 😉

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