Baby C #3 will be here soon. And I mean soon.

This pregnancy has been very uneventful, and I like it that way. I really have not had any issues to speak, besides fatigue and my latest pelvic pain. But those things are all temporary, and I was dealing with them.

Over the past 2 weeks I have started to feel very ready to have a baby. I feel like my ‘to do list’ is done and mostly everything that can be in order, is.  Lucy is potty trained so we will only have 1 child in diapers. Working half days was tolerable. Bags are packed for all of us for impending labor. My mom has taken to carrying her cell phone 24/7 waiting for ‘the call’.  Freezer is full of 29 homemade ready-to-go meals. My last day at work was supposed to be the day after Thanksgiving, putting me at 38 wks, if I made it that far still pregnant. Nursery prepped. Kids excited. Newborn clothes washed. Names decided–for the most part. Birth plan written. Pack n play and bassinett sleeper set up in respective rooms. Diapers and car seat ready and everything in the car. Mama’s acceptance of what is about to come as far as, err, pain (to put it lightly). Baby dropped last weekend and my pelvic pain decreased. Ahhhh.

Just prior to 36 wks

Just prior to 36 wks

This past Sunday night I started to not feel well. Achey, no appetite, nauseous, contractions. Every. 4. Minutes. I took a nap that afternoon and got up and started feeling a lot of pelvic pressure. The kids and I did some cooking and I had to sit down, it was getting kind of intense. I couldn’t sleep that night and laid awake from 11pm-3am with contractions 4 minutes apart.  I let J sleep thinking that this was going to turn into something that he might want to be rested up for. I occupied the time by downloading a contraction app on my phone (ok, it is super convenient…).  I had just rolled over 36 wks. After finally falling asleep at 3am, I woke at 6am to get ready to go to work. J took one look at me and heard about the night I’d had and told me to call my boss and also my midwife. I was in no shape to go to work. And I felt like crap.

I got the kids to where they needed to go and got into my midwife at noon. I just felt lousy, and the contractions were still about 4 mins apart, but not getting any worse and not intense. After a series of tests and finding that my temp and blood pressure were a little elevated, my midwife Kim asked if I would be willing to do a 24 hr urine collection to look further into the issue. Sounded gross, but I agreed, gotta do what you gotta do, right? She thought I just had a ‘bug’ but wanted to be sure I didn’t have too much protein in my urine, indicating possible preeclampsia.Yikes. That was only something I had heard about with others dealing with, definitely not for me!

I felt better the next day and Wednesday; well as good as you feel when you’re 36.5 wks pregnant. Kim called me at work Wednesday night. The protein in my urine was 300. 299 is considered borderline preeclamptic.  Along with my slightly elevated blood pressure she said this was nothing to mess around with. I was to come in the next day for more tests to check in on baby, and I was to quit working. “Take it easy”.  Alrighty then……

Today I went in for a non stress test, blood pressure check, and ultrasound to check on baby and fluid levels. So far, everything has come back normal but my blood pressure is still a bit elevated. Baby is looking fine, measuring at 6lbs, give or take a pound (really, how do they come up with these numbers!?). I’m 3cm dilated and 70%+ effaced and Kim thinks I will go into labor naturally in the next few days.

It's all fun and games till they hook up the belts...

It’s all fun and games till they hook up the belts…

However, if labor doesn’t make an appearance, Monday Nov 25 is our due date. Research has shown that mamas with preeclampsia do best if delivered during the 37th wk, and that’s what my midwife will do, even though I don’t like it. That’s next week. Induction is something I have never faced and hope I never will. Both G and L were born  in drug-free, natural births, and we plan/hope for Baby C #3 to be born the same way. We have a few options in Nov 25 looms over us, but I’m hoping this show gets on the road on it’s own……. real soon.

I told the nurse on the phone tonight that I agree to be there at 6am on November 25 for induction {shudder}, but I’m not planning on it.

My mantra for the next 4 days: Bring it, birth!

Prayers appreciated!!!!

-The {growing} Costellos

Pre-baby cookoff

We’ve reached the home stretch. I am 35 weeks pregnant. Lucy was born at 37 weeks and Gabriel at 39 weeks. So I’m hoping to have about 3 weeks left. Riiight. “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans”.

Yes, yes, I know. Babies come on their own time. But, I am trying to ready myself in any way possible for the pending arrival of Baby C#3.  This involves nesting. Cooking. Planning. You know, the regular. I have not had the urge to scrub the inside of my refrigerator top to bottom yet like I did when pregnant with L, but am feathering the nest nonetheless.

I wanted to make sure that we had a good stockpile of homemade freezer meals prior to going into labor. I think I’ve accomplished my goal!

Clean Eating Beef and Barley Stew

Sausage and Spinach Pasta Bake (x2)

Slow Cooker Clean Eating Sweet Potato Chili (x2)

Lime Green Chili Chicken Taco (x2)

Sloppy Lentils in the Crockpot (x2)

Slow Cooker Skinny Spaghetti (x2)

Sloppy Tamale Pie (x2)

Cheese Tortellini and Spinach Bake (x2)

In combination with what I’ve already made, we now have 27 meals in the freezer. This makes me happy. Very happy.



I will not mention the fact that my children ate hot dogs and chips for dinner and watched Batman all evening on the night that I made all these meals, as J was in charge of feeding them. Hey, at least they ate, right?

Have a great week and try some of these out! They are yummy!

-The {growing} Costello’s

Fall Fun

It seems like with every season here in Iowa, I have a list of family-friendly things that I want to take the kids to and do. I love it that our kids are so active and love to have new experiences. But this fall was a little different. I have been worn out and extremely *painful* with the final stretch of this pregnancy (no pun intended…) So it’s almost mid-November and I thought I’d make a list of all the fun stuff we did (and wanted) to do this fall and share some pictures! We didn’t go too far but it was still enjoyable. The midwest is beautiful in the fall! I’m putting all these on my to-do list for next year!

35 weeks

Oh baby–35 weeks

Pride of the Wapsi Pumpkin Patch — We go here every year. Jeremiah was employed here for several years and it is a great place to take your family! This year we went with our Young Couples Group at church and had a blast. There were around 30 of us that enjoyed the attractions, took a wagon ride to the patch and picked out a pumpkin, had a picnic and made smores. Kids slept well that night!

L measures up to 'How Tall this Fall?'

L measures up to ‘How Tall this Fall?’

Jumping pillow fun

Jumping pillow fun

Picking our pumpkins (L is still picking I guess)

Picking our pumpkins (L is still picking I guess)

Trike racing!

Trike racing!

Barrel train fun

Barrel train fun

Sibling pictures — For my mom’s birthday this year, my brother had the idea to take some sibling pictures for our mom’s present. We  had a whole family picture when G was en utero, but nothing since, especially no sibling pictures. So keeping with tradition, these pictures were taken with me 33 wks pregnant with Baby C#3.  I gotta say, not my choice of great times to take pictures. I requested that we could at least all wear black, and they actually turned out pretty good. Mom loved them! Here’s a few:





Iowa Food and Lifestyle Blogger meetup — This was just for me, but I spent a morning at the New Pioneer Co-op in Iowa City with some other like-minded bloggers. I am definitely a novice/amateur/very much a beginner/hobby blogger, but it was fun to see what others are doing with their blogs. And the food there is delicious!

Halloween — The kids and ‘fairy godmother’ (AKA Aunt Mel) dressed up and paraded Bennett for Halloween this year. They had a blast, despite the rainy,cold weather, and got tons of candy, of course.  I went as a pregnant mommy, but did not get any candy. What the heck?!

Ironman, Princess Belle, and The Sassy Fairy Godmother ;)

Ironman, Princess Belle, and The Sassy Fairy Godmother 😉

Wilson’s Apple Orchard — I wrote earlier about how L and I attended G’s preschool field trip to this orchard and had a good time! I wanted to return to get some more apples and see a bit more of the place (maybe via gator ride?) but alas, we did not. Definitely on next year’s to-do!

Preschool Halloween party — Nana Sandy, L and I got to attend G’s preschool Halloween party as well. How cute!? I love being able to be involved in G’s preschool and going to this party just re-affirmed to me why we chose this preschool. I cannot say enough good things about it. G dressed as Ironman and L as princess Belle and we supplied one of the treats (Oreo spiders!). G is still loving preschool and next week is the ‘star of the week’. Fun!

2013-10-30 09.32.30

State cross country — J and I took a weekend and drove out to watch the state cross country meet. Although no one from J’s team made it to state, it was nice to drive out there and spend the weekend together. The leaves were  so pretty that weekend during our drive!  We stayed in Des Moines and did some Christmas shopping there. Papa and Nana were gracious enough to watch the kiddos and they (surprise!) shampooed our carpets while we were gone! How nice!

Things we wanted to do, but alas I was too wore out. (Next year!):

Boo at the Zoo (Niabi Zoo)

Muscatine Halloween Hike (Muscatine County Conservation)

Applesauce making ( I love doing this! Makes me feel so Betty Crocker-ish 😉

Pumpkin and squash freezing

Painting pumpkins (bad mommy!)

Davenport Halloween parade

He sure is cute when he stands still long enough for a picture!

He sure is cute when he stands still long enough for a picture!

Have a great week!

-The {growing} Costellos