The first week

Yesterday marked our little Amelia’s 1 week birthday. Hard to believe that just over a week ago I was still pregnant, preeclamptic, sick, and scared.

Things turned out just fine for Amelia and I and amounted to my quickest labor/delivery yet! (stay tuned for her full birth story….I have been putting off writing it but will get it done!).

So tiny!

So tiny!

Our first week at home has went very well. We have had visitors every single day, which is great. Some great people have come to visit us, brought us food (even Thanksgiving dinner!), gifts, and welcome company.

Wide awake!

Wide awake!

We made our first ‘family of 5’ outing to Monkey Joe’s and Happy Joe’s and did just fine. I made my first several outings with all 3 of the kids by myself and have done just fine. It does take quite awhile to get going out of the house!Β  My postpartum baby blues that were horrible with G and L seem to be much less this time around (knock on wood–I’m not out of the woods yet), and I have done several things different this time around.Β  The first week at home I did little more than take care of Amelia and nap, and J was home for the entire week so we were all able to get off to a good start.Β  G and L started to get quite restless at home as they are used to being on the go, so we are trying to fit in some fun stuff for them.

Pretty girl!

Pretty girl!

G and L love their baby sister, especially G. Both often want to hold her, and L has even offered to feed the baby πŸ˜‰Β  L frequently wears her baby wrap to look just like Mommy and Amelia. Too cute! G is great in the car with pacifier duty and tries to keep both girls happy. They both ask why her eyes are never open. G still calls her ‘new baby’, and L calls her ‘Amelia Clare Costello’. Imagine that! Amelia has gotten more kisses than she knows what to do with and has learned to nurse and sleep with noise and getting bumped around constantly. She is going to be tough. πŸ˜‰

Amelia has been a great baby. She does seem to have a ‘witching hour’ around 11pm which is less than ideal. She often does do a long stretch of sleep at night of 5-6 hrs which is more close to ideal. She is such a peanut and gets a lot of attention out in public because of her size! Today at her first doctor appointment she weighed in at 6lb 5oz. My smallest baby!Β  Her temperament seems to be pretty laid back and as long as her needs are met, she is content. She loves to be ‘worn’ and she spends a lot of time in my Ergo and Sleepywrap. And she looks super cute in her cloth newborn diapers πŸ™‚

Aunt Mel documented A’s first trip to Target πŸ™‚

I am looking forward to when Amelia is on a bit more of a sleep schedule, but trying to tell myself to enjoy every moment, even the ones where I’m awake from 11pm-2am. She has already changed so much since her birthday 8 days ago and I don’t want to miss anything!

-The {growing} Costellos

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