Reality Check

Yesterday I got a text and was asked to return to work 1 day early in order to cover for a coworker whose family member had passed away. I typed ‘yes, I can do that’ and hit send. Then it hit me. I am going back to work in a week!


For me, the past 24 hours have been a huge reality check. Even though I only work about 27 hours a week in a 3 day period, this means a lot of changes have to come to our home. I’ve always been the kind of person that thrives on schedules, productivity, being ‘busy’ (although I don’t care for that word), and having a direction.  The last 9-ish weeks have been a little different than that. The 3 kiddos and I have spent many a day at home, not going anywhere other than to take G to and from preschool. Although it was nice, those days are probably winding down. I loving aspiring to be a domestic diva, but this terrible awful winter we are having is just about enough to make anyone nuts as we spend so much time indoors! I’m also probably going to have to spend more days in khakis and jeans rather than sweats and yoga pants. I might also have to start making myself look presentable on days other than weekends when we are out and about!

I’ve also been having quite the time getting A on a schedule. I’ve come to realize that she is definitely her own person and she tends to balk at the idea of what I want her to do, having her own ideas at a ‘schedule’.   She definitely does not want to be categorized with her other 2 siblings. Much of what worked with G and L does not work with A.  She’s bound to be quite the go-getter!!!  She also has been quite the challenge at night. About 2 weeks in she settled into a once a night feeding pattern, then she upped it to twice a night. I was ok with that, tired, but ok.  Now it’s hit or miss. Some nights is twice. Other nights (like last night) it was 6 times. No joke. She sleeps sometimes in her rock’n’play sleeper next to our bed and sometimes will only sleep soundly in our bed (something I have NEVER done before).  She refuses to sleep in her crib, no matter what I try.

We have had some good times during my maternity break though:

L teaching A about being a doctor/princess/fairy

L teaching A about being a doctor/princess/fairy. A takes notes……

A meets great-grandma Laura!

A meets great-grandma Laura!

L cleans like a madwoman. I tell her she's just like Cinderella and she wants to clean more ;)

L cleans like a madwoman. I tell her she’s just like Cinderella. She wants to clean more 😉


L looking extra cute at Toys'R'Ua. I got her out of here by telling her we were going to Target next--her favorite store!

L looking extra cute at Toys’R’Us. I got her out of here by telling her we were going to Target next–her favorite store!

Visited the Bettendorf family museum

Visited the Bettendorf family museum-working the pizzeria!

G LOVES his legos and lego table! Here he poses with his latest 'robot and transformers' creations

G LOVES his legos and lego table! Here he poses with his latest ‘robot and transformers’ creations. He has such an awesome imagination.

A just gets cuter and cuter

A just gets cuter and cuter

G loves on A. He is a fantastic big brother!!!

G loves on A. He is a fantastic big brother!!!

Honestly I’ve been wondering pondering freaking out about how I am going to get any rest, go to work and do a decent job at it all while getting up umpteen times at night with an unpredictable little non-sleeper and having 2 other littles to care for.  Ahh the joys of parenthood.

I was telling J about my anxiousness and excitedness about going back to work, but feeling a bit overwhelmed at all of it. He said, “Well Sarah, it’s time to get our sh!t together”.  ‘Nuff said. He’s absolutely right. I’ve spent enough time hanging out and it’s time for all of us to get back to ‘life’.

So, enter this mama on a mission. My mission in the next 7 days is to get organized, mentally prepped to go back to work, and get more sleep. Easy enough, right? HA! I’ve also realized that many of my expectations in my current stage of life are probably too high, and despite my best efforts, things may no go as I desperately want them to go. My house is going to have sticky floors. The kids are not always going to sleep all at the same time. Post baby weight after #3 takes a little longer to get rid of than #1 and #2. I might have to get over the idea of ‘starting bad habits’ and just let the baby sleep in our bed so we can ALL get some rest. Schedules need to be flexible or they just don’t work. The blog might not get written every week like I would like. I might have to be ok with 2 or 3x a week workouts, if I have any energy left. G and L might have to be told 15million times to get their shoes and coats on so we can get out the door. Hey, I’m a work in progress……

So, I started. I started with food, what I know I can conquer. I put away 11 freezer meals yesterday in 2 hours. BAM! 1 hurdle accomplished for the first month back to work. Here’s the list:

Peachy balsamic chicken

General Tso Chicken

Buffalo Lime chicken

Spicy sausage and pepper penne

Crock pot sausage and peppers

Crock pot chicken, apples, and sweet potatoes x2

Crock pot pasta fagioli

Smoked pumpkin chili

Spicy pepper jelly marinated pork tenderloin

Pork roast with apples and onions

Next up, organization and somewhat of a ‘schedule’. I’ve always been a list-lover and a planner freak, so I made myself/the family a list for morning and evening things that HAVE to be done. I realized awhile ago that if we are going to have a ‘big family’, we have to keep up on things or they get away.  We are a few weeks away from putting our house on the market to sell, so things have to be kept up around here. We have been doing a lot of going through things and cleaning out lately so hopefully clutter can be kept to a minimum.

AM/PM lists. See it? Do it! If only G and L could read...

AM/PM lists. See it? Do it! If only G and L could read…

G and L in the morning can be soooo slooooow. We are gonna have places to be, people, so get a move on! Here’s their new morning to-do’s. G does something like this at preschool so I think he’ll get the hang of it. L loves to copy G so it’s sure to work, right?! We’ll see how it goes.  😉

Picture to-do's

Picture to-do’s

So, we will see how the next week goes. I may be a zombie for awhile, but hopefully we can get through it. And hopefully I can nap on my days off!!

“In time, this too shall pass…”

-The {growing} Costellos

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