Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It’s off to work I go

Well today is officially the last day of my maternity leave.  I work a shortened day tomorrow, 940-420 and then back at it next Monday for my regular 3 days.  Oi.

The yahooligans this morning ;)

“Mom take our picture!!!”  The yahooligans this morning 😉

I’m have mixed emotions about this, as I’m sure all mom’s who work outside of the home do. This winter has been one for the books. It has been below zero, even below -10 for so many days that I can’t even count. We have had so many snowstorms in Eastern Iowa that the 3 littles and I have been confined in the walls of our house for days on end at a time. Jeremiah has had 3 snow days at his school thus far, and it’s not even February. It sure was nice to have him around more, but I assume they will be making them up in May 😦  G and L have not gotten much outdoor play or exercise due to the extreme weather, and J nor I have gotten *any* outdoor runs. The kids have been stir crazy, I have been trying to find activities for them to do, and we have watched a lot of movies.  It has been…..interesting.  Even trying to make outings to child-friendly places has been quite the undertaking with trying to dodge the impending snow/ice/freezing rain/polar vortex and working around nap schedules, meals, preschool, etc etc  (or non-nap schedules for A? More on that later…)

The frozen tundra view from our dining room.

The frozen tundra view from our dining room.

On one hand, I am sad to leave my kids, even for only 3 days a week. It has been nice to spend so much time with them. However, they want a break from me I believe. About 6 weeks into my leave Gabriel said he wanted me to go back to work. Why? So he could go and play with his cousins at an aunt and uncle’s house that they used to go to occasionally when I was working. And so they could spend more time at ‘Nana’s’.  It’s true, they miss their time with other people other than me! I learned a long time ago that I am not ‘all’ they need…..they need relationships and times with other loving people other than J or I. And I’m ok with that 🙂

Amelia and her Nana Sandy

Amelia and her Nana Sandy at Christmas

On the other hand, I need to go back to work. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially….I need to go back to work! I have said before that I feel like I am a better mom to my kids when I work (part time), and I feel more fulfilled as a person.  I feel like the time they are away from me with other people who love them very much is very beneficial for them. I feel like our time apart makes our time together much more important and fun! Not everyone may feel this way, but I do believe that it takes a village to raise kids. My kids like to be busy and active, and this winter has definitely put a damper on that! *Think spring*  I also seem to do a lot better in terms of personal goals when I am working! I really enjoy my work and helping others and my coworkers rock! They are so fun!

2 mo photo!

2 mo photo!

So off to work I go…seeking that balance once again 🙂  And just where did I put that goniometer……….?

-The {growing} Costellos




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