Lucy’s newest accessory

Lucy has a new look…..

Fashionista! I see a future Ray-Ban model :)


Yep. Our 2 year old has now joined the ranks of the rest of our family and claimed her very own pair of glasses.

For quite some time Jeremiah and I have noticed that there was something different about Lucy’s eyes. They are beautiful, don’t get me wrong; an intriguing combination of blue, yellow, brown, and hazel.  But there was something different, something off.  The past few months we have noticed that occasionally Lucy’s right eye would point inward when she was focusing on something. And of course once I started watching for it, I noticed it all. the. time.  Lucy is and always has been very clumsy. For awhile I just thought she was one of those ‘clumsy kids’ and thought she would grow out of it. I was starting to get a little concerned that she was reaching the age of 3 and was still quite clumsy; running into things, always tripping, falling over air, etc etc.

So after talking to Aunt Mel, who works in the optical world, Jeremiah and I decided to get Lucy’s eyes checked out.  I had no idea how in the world they were going to tell if Lucy could see since she could not read or do anything like that. She’s only 2 for heaven’s sake! We talked a lot about it with her and Lucy was stoked to ‘get my eyes check-ed’.  She thought she was hott stuff.

Lucy was the ideal pediatric patient in the ophthalmologist’s office.  I was so proud!!!!  She did and cooperated with every single test they threw at her, allowed drops in her eyes to dilate them, and conversed with the doctor about her dream birthday party coming up next month.  As soon as the drops went in, I immediately saw Lucy’s right eye constantly pointing in as she tried to focus on the TV at the other end of the room. The optician asked me a ton of questions, 2 of which being ‘was she premature?’ and ‘was she ever on oxygen?’ Yes to both.

Lucy the champ at the eye doctor

Lucy the champ at the eye doctor

The ophthalmologist came in and did even more tests. She let Lucy out of the chair and said she needed to talk to Lucy’s mommy now. DUN DUN DUN. Here it comes, I thought. Bring it, doc.

Doc said it was so great that we brought her in; we caught it early.  Lucy is extremely far sighted and due to this her right eye flips in, and eventually could have turned into a lazy eye. She can’t see anything close to her.  Her prescription is +5.75 in the right eye–almost double my prescription–and I thought I was blind!  She failed her depth perception test.  Kids who are a little premature (Lucy) or on oxygen after birth (Lucy again) are more prone to having this. Doc said she was confident that if we had not brought her in, she would have immediatley fallen behind in school, since she would have been unable to read! She may improve as she grows but will always need glasses or contacts. I was relieved that it is something correctable.

Trying to check her depth perception

Trying to check her depth perception

Finally it made sense. No wonder Lucy was so clumsy, never wanted to walk down stairs by herself, never climbs, trips constantly, runs into things, and is a terribly messy eater. SHE CAN’T SEE! She as smart as a whip and her speech is off the charts, but SHE CAN’T SEE!

So we went and picked out some frames, some sweet Ray-Bans to match her mama and daddy’s and Aunt Mel’s. Of course we got the protection plan for if when they break/get lost/stepped on.  Our new challenge is going to be getting an almost-3-year-old-going-on-16-year-old to wear her glasses. We’ve hyped them up a lot and she is the absolute queen of accessories, so it might go better than I imagine. I’m just hoping she doesn’t act like this every day:

By this time, Lucy was DONE with glasses and eye doctors

By this time, Lucy was DONE with glasses and eye doctors

Wish us luck!

-The {growing} Costellos

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