A day in the life with 3 kids under 5

Probably the most common thing I hear when I tell people the ages of my kids is ‘Wow! You’ve got your hands full!’. I despise that comment.  It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. I would much rather hear ‘Wow! Good for you for raising tomorrow’s future!’ or ‘Wow! I can tell you are really trying to do a good job!’ or ‘Wow! Can I carry your groceries?’  But really, I do have a full plate. Here’s what a day in our life looks like. Mind you, this is a day when I’m home, not at work, and J is at work.  We didn’t have any appointments or whatnot, which is not always the case either!

1:20am My day begins by waking up to a crying Amelia. Nurse in bed and fall back asleep.

5am Amelia wakes up, again, to nurse. Can we say growth spurt…?  I contemplate getting up now and exercising, as I was planning to do today. I tell myself some bogus, but true, excuses such as ‘you worked 11 hours yesterday’ or ‘you are feeding a baby’ or ‘it’s too dark to exercise’ that make me feel better about falling back asleep in my warm bed and wasting any chance of a workout I may have had for the day…

6am Amelia is up again, unhappy. I realize she has wet through her diaper and sleeper. Proceed to change her diaper but am too exhausted to get a different sleeper, she falls back asleep, so instead I leave her like this:2014-03-28 06.50.40

630am Jeremiah gets out of bed. I am mad at myself for not getting up to workout. But then I fall back asleep.

650am Drag my tired bones out of bed and throw on some clothes.

653am G and L throw open their door and greet the morning (haha) and come into our room.  Lucy has Princess Baby and her purse in tow. Already. At 653 in the morning.


Good morning, sunshine!

Good morning, sunshine!

7am Get G and L dressed, make them breakfast. Have a debate about whether or not they can watch Curious George while they eat, which does not happen because then they don’t eat!  Pump. Talk to a very concerned G about how a bug got into our house. He proceeds to scope out any minute holes where they may have come from. L tells me ‘Mom, you need a headband; your hair is crazy!’

724am Amelia wakes up. Change diaper, nurse more, dress her.

735 Begin putting coat and shoes on kiddos, pack A in carseat.

743 Leave to take G to preschool

830am Get back home

845am Start a load of laundry, including G and L’s jackets which are covered in mud, yogurt, other icky things…yuck. Realize I am now out of homemade laundry soap. Mental note to make more this weekend.

9am Agree with Lucy to start working on her birthday dress.  I bought the fabric over a month ago thinking I would get a head start on it.  We get everything out and I realize I am going to need a pattern, not just the tutorials I had saved awhile ago. Realize printer is packed away due to house showings. Realize I am not printing a pattern right now. Instead make some jean skirts out of G’s old holey, worn out jeans that I have been meaning to do for awhile. L specifically requests a pink one.

915am Aunt Mel calls. Talk for next hour. Hey! That’s what sisters do!

1010am Amelia wakes, nurse again, change diaper. Lucy sings a song while pounding on the piano. Amelia cries listening to it.

1020am Participate in grocery store scenario with Lucy…..something about ketchup on her waffle.  This turns into a tea party.

1030am Tear Lucy away from tea party to go pickup G from school.

1035am L has breakdown because her jacket is in  the wash. Luckily, jacket is now in the dryer. Retrieve jacket and let her wear it. She dons purse and Princess Baby once again for the outing.

1045am Leave house once again.

1136am Arrive back home. G immediately wants to go outside and play. Fetch snowboots from the basement and dig out a few toys that he has requested to play outside. G comes back in as soon as I get my shoes off from getting those things. He needs blocks, Mom. I return to the basement and again dig out the box of wooden blocks for him to construct with. He’s golden now.

1140am I simultaneously keep an eye on A sleeping in her carseat carrier, watch G through a window playing outside, seam rip a pair of jeans, and play ‘restaurant’ with L.

Noon G comes back inside. He feels left out that I’m not crafting anything for him, just the girls. He requests me to make him a Ninja Turtle shirt. Ummmm.  I suggest maybe I could handle making him a turtle shell.  He agrees. Add that to the list.

1215 Eat lunch. Get frustrated with my sewing machine which has decided that it does not want to ruffle fabric any longer. We cannot have a skirt without ruffles!!!! Let G and L watch Caillou for a bit.

130pm G and L down for ‘quiet time’. If I say ‘nap’ there is protest. ‘Quiet time’ seems to be more acceptable to them. Come downstairs and realize as I am kicking toys out of my path that I really should have made them pickup toys prior to ‘quiet time’. Clean up lunch.

145pm Fold laundry. I’m trying this novel new approach called ‘Fold the laundry as you take it out of the dryer’ to try to keep the mess to a minimum with showing the house. It works sometimes.

155pm Wash dishes. Talk again to Aunt Mel again 🙂

200pm Hear yelling from upstairs. L has to go potty and G states he already slept. Riiiight. Sneak laundry out of their rooms and start another load.

210pm Try to get my online bank account unlocked as I have entered the wrong answers too many times. Ugh. 30+ minutes and 2 phone calls later I can access it. See that our tax refund has come through. Hip, hip, hooray!

240pm Return to and try to make nice with my sewing machine. Amelia wakes up. Nurse and change diaper. Realize she took a 3 hr nap. Growth spurt…..  Talk on phone with friend for next 30 minutes.

300pm L wakes up

340pm G wakes up. And he says he didn’t need a nap…… Kids have snack and I attempt to keep them from killing each other over popcorn. Jeez.

400pm Finally finish those skirts. Dang that took a long time. Fold more clothes.

Started with 3 of these. Thanks G!

Started with 3 of these. Thanks G!

The final products

The final products

415pm Leave for a walk with all 3 kiddos. Venture to the city park and the school playground. I am uber impressed with L’s advancement in her gross motor skills. Not sure if it’s the new glasses or the fact that we have not been able to go to the park since October, but she is a totally new kid!  She climbs, slides, swings, negotiates the obstacles like a pro!  Lucy melts down the entire walk home because she wants to ‘go to ‘nother park!!!!!’  Arrive home with kid’s treasures consisting of 2 acorns, 1 very large stick, and a lot of mud.  All but the mud stays outside.


2014-03-28 16.45.40

L swings

G climbs trees

G climbs trees

A stays cozy in the stroller

A stays cozy in the stroller


515pm Back home, begin dinner, which I have not planned. I can’t eat dairy. It’s Lent. It’s Friday. We’re Catholic…..Not many options.  J arrives home and we figure out a mish-mash of food.  First we have to clear a spot on the table from my sewing stuff. Nurse baby.

600pm J gives baths to G and L, and I give A her cereal. 3rd night of cereal, and she is all about it, eating 2 baby-sized servings. She wolfs the stuff down.

615pm We trade roles and I give A a bath in the tiny tub, L insists on helping. Her job is to always wash A’s feet 😉  J takes the older 2 upstairs to get pj’s on and comb L’s mop of hair. Fold another round of laundry.

645pm Persuade kids to pickup toys throughout the entire first floor of the house so we can watch a little tv after they are done. Projectile spit-up. I’m convinced to go change my clothes now.

700pm We play Operation game several times. Then, hide and seek….on the 4th round I am never found so I decide to come downstairs.  No one has noticed that I went missing. Not sure how I feel about that!

745pm Kids are starving again. I give them a snack to share. They fight over it, of course. Nurse the babe.

815pm Bed for G and L. Not too much resistance. They both have colds and are tired already.

830pm Relax. Play with A. Watch shark Tank (love that show!). G is still awake and yells down the stairs that J’s laughter is too loud and he can’t sleep. Of course….

915pm A gets fussy. I begin walking, bouncing, humming, shhhh-ing.

930pm A is out like a light.

952pm Read aloud this blog to J for proofreading. He just now realizes that I was actually playing hide and seek when I went missing. J laughs hysterically. Not sure how I feel about that….

10pm Publish this blog and goodnight. I’m ’bout spent.

Photo courtesy of G

Photo courtesy of G


Have a great week!

-The {growing} Costellos

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