It’s the little things

Ha ha! Not quite where I was going with this, but true!

I recently came across a website that lists little things upon little things that are just nice and make life worth living. Nice feelings, nice actions, nice ways to see the world. I love it! I would like to print the entire list and hang it all around my house, to never forget the little things. We have a sign in our dining room that reads ‘Do small things with great love’. They are what make life sweet.

So here’s my take on my favorite 30 little things, at this stage in my life, realizing that someday they may be the big things. 🙂

1. Warm sheets out of the dryer and crawling directly into them.

2. Seeing the creatures and creations that G makes with his Legos. Relatives, gas stations, Star Wars planes, jails, spaceships….it’s all there!

3. Lucy’s hair. ‘Nuff said.

4. Teaching the kids to eat chocolate chip cookies before they go in the oven. They’re best in raw form!

5. Making sand castles in the sandbox.

6. Answering questions like ‘How do they make cranes?’ ‘Is God real?’ ‘How do rockets fly?’ ‘When are you going to make Blue (teddy bear) some clothes for his summer?’ Hmmmmmm.

7. Getting hair shampooed prior to getting it cut. One of the best feelings! I always wondered if my dog felt the same way when I gave her a bath?

8. Doing situps with a 32lb toddler on my chest.  Extra resistance!

9. Seeing the sunrise over the awakening Iowa fields. One of the most beautiful scenes!

10. Putting a baby to sleep on your chest. Even better–the baby smell. You know what I’m talking about.

11. A good thunderstorm. The loud, rattle-the-windows kind of storm.

12. Someone telling me ‘what a beautiful family you have!’ Thank you!

13. Mustang rides. The kind with the windows down and no need for a radio because we have pipes. And the people staring when we pull all 3 of the ‘ol Fords into Culver’s for ice cream afterwards.

14. Getting the intense stains out of one of the kids’ white shirts. Fist pump–mama score!

15. Hearing the birds chirp in the morning with the windows open.

16. Picking up the kids from Nana’s and having them run to me with arms open, shouting ‘Mommmmmyyyy!’

17. Watching G and L sing to or try to teach Amelia new things.

18. The intensity in color of the green grass this time of year.

19. First run in the spring while wearing  shorts.

20. Waking up in the middle of the night and being thankful when you realize that you still have 4 more hours to sleep.

21. Hanging clothes on the line.

22. Seeing the tiny garden seedlings first coming out of the soil in the spring.

23. An empty laundry hamper.

24. An empty sink.

25. Slip ‘n’ slides. You have not lived until you’ve been in the Costello Slip ‘n’ slide tournament!

26. Baby belly laughs.

27. Finishing a book that you have been working on for months.

28. My mom’s orange salad and my dad’s pea salad. They’re famous. And they’re good!

29. Putting a smile on someone’s face.

30. Naps on Sundays


What’s your favorite ‘little thing’ in life?


-The {growing} Costellos

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. A few of my faves:
    – Jag snuggling with me at bed time (like now!)
    – your kids saying “Aunt Mel!”
    – that first cup of coffee in the morning…yum!
    – random compliments on my clothes/hair/accessories from people I do not know
    – kneeling during mass
    – pedicures
    – random, spontaneous fun with friends or family

  2. I want to know more about the Costello’s slip and slide tournament?! I will be bugging your hubby about this at school! I will definitely have to look up this list before posting my own…I guess a big one while I’m sitting here at school would be having a student tell me thank you for all I’ve done for them or taught them over the last 3 years! And I agree with PEDICURES!

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