Journal to my kids

I got the idea awhile ago from somewhere to write a journal to my kids. Seemed like a fun idea. I bought them each a composition notebook and hoped to write in it 4 times a year, which seemed do-able. I’m not the best with keeping up with all that ‘memory’ stuff….I don’t scrapbook and I haven’t printed pictures off my phone/camera for a year (that is also on the to-do list) and sadly Amelia’s baby book is still in the plastic {gulp}. But honestly, taking 20 mins 4 times a year to write my thoughts about each child has been much easier for me, and I like to read back on my past entries. I make it easy and write exactly 1 page on each child.  I think the kids will be interested in reading these some day.  I can say I have successfully completed almost a year of journaling! Here’s my most recent entries about each child and my current observations and thoughts about them. Enjoy 🙂


Amelia   April 27, 2014 (5 months and 1 day old)

You weigh 14lbs! You have the cutest chubby cheeks and love to smile, especially at me! You nurse about every 2-4 hours. We tried cereal for a short time but you were not a big fan. On average you wake 1-2 times a night to eat and spend  about 1/2 the night in bed with mom and dad. You are getting very fun to play with! You grasp things and bat at toys. You are very close to sitting independently and can roll tummy to back and back to side.  You are definitely a mama’s girl and love to ride around in my sling or wrap or Ergo. People debate whether you look like G or L but usually decide that you have your own look. I’m unable to eat any straight dairy as you are sensitive to it and it almost gives you an allergic response. You still spit up a lot but we are used to it now 🙂 You wear a lot of cute little headbands. You enjoy time in the exersaucer, bouncy seat, and bumbo (sometimes) and play gym. You cry if you are left alone and love to be entertained by G or L. G loves to hold and play with you and L loves to sing to you and put things on your head! I can’t believe how much you have grown already!


Lucy   May 5, 2014   (3 years and 9 days old)

You turned 3 a week and a half ago. Your favorite thing to play is dress up. Cinderella and Belle are your favorite princesses. We often hear you singing snippets from ‘Frozen’ and you actually have a very pretty singing voice. Sometimes you sing and make up words. You carry a purse everywhere. Your baby’s names are Princess Baby, Amelia, and Kris. Your best friend is Tessa, but you make friends everywhere and love to hold hands with other kids your age. You point out when things or people are ‘your size’ and get disappointed if there is not a little potty in a public restroom. You compliment people on their outfits or accessories and idolize your Aunt Mel. You always point out if I’m wearing a tank top, and then get mad if you’re not wearing one. You sing to Amelia if she is crying. You still nap daily 1 1/2 to 3 hours and never complain about it. Your glasses are your latest fashion accessory. You always ask me to turn the radio up in the car, even if it’s already blaring. You eat mostly everything, but especially love chocolate milk. You love going to your Nana’s house. You love to play preschool, mommy/daddy, ring around the rosie, house, and ‘frozen’. 🙂


Gabriel     May 5, 2014     (4 years and 10 1/2 months old)

Each day you surprise me; something that you say or do, or create. Legos are your favorite – you start with them many mornings at 6 or 630am.  You really like preschool and have a few ‘buddies’ there, namely Matthew, Jarret and Justin. You have an amazing imagination. You love treehouses, robots, superheros, legos. You never sleep with a shirt on, only pj pants. You have a treasure chest under your bed with things you have made from random things around the house. You are very proud of your recycled creations. You like to jump out and scare us first thing in the morning. You sleep with a teddy bear named ‘Blue’ and ask me when I am making him clothes. You really like working in the shop with Papa Dave and he lets you use the real tools.  You are just starting to ride a bike without training wheels. You are really good with Amelia – love to hold her, entertain her, play with her – and she always laughs at you. You and Lucy finally play well together but still fight a lot. You love the show Chicago Fire and old Ninja Turtle movies. You love to play outside all day. You can sing the entire Lord’s Prayer. You want to do everything Daddy does. You sunburn too easily. Your eyes get a lot of compliments how pretty – and mischevious – they are. 


Have a great week!


-The {growing} Costellos

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