SIX months. Amelia is almost half of a year old! Her babyhood has truly went the quickest of all 3 of the kids thus far. I cannot believe she’s almost SIX months!

That being said, I’ve always thought that 6 months is the funnest age of babyhood.  I love the tiny-itsy-baby stage, and the walking-and-mobile-almost-a-toddler stage all in baby’s first year, but the time between those is my favorite.

Reasons I love SIX:

1. Ability to *almost* sit. I love how SIX is top-heavy and can sit for a few seconds then becomes a weeble wobble and falls over, rolls, and looks up wondering what just happened.

2. Baby food. I love making it. I love feeding it to SIX. But I don’t love the diapers it produces.


Pears, peaches, sweet potatoes and carrots; round 1 of baby food -- done!

Pears, peaches, sweet potatoes and carrots; round 1 of baby food — done!

3. Cuddling. SIX is still young enough to love to cuddle and does not try to get away, as she has not discovered how to be mobile yet. I like it that way.

4. Smiles. Smile and talk to her, and she will return the cutesie faces. And if that face doesn’t melt your heart, you ain’t got one….

5. Chubbiness. Baby thighs, lack of ankles and wrists, and those CHEEKS! SIX is chubby all over, and it’s so adorable.

6. Headbands and tiny clothes. Amelia is my first girl that has been able to wear those adorable baby headbands. Lucy had too much hair from the beginning so she rocked the tiny barrette.  And the clothes are irresistible, just sayin’…

7. Sibling love. G and L love to play with Amelia, and she is finally old enough to interact with them. Sometimes she pulls on their ears or hair, and sometimes she just laughs at them. I love how they are all starting to play together!

20140508_184657 (2)

Yes, those are his shoes on her feet

8. Curiosity. SIX thinks something like this, “What will happen if I stick my fingers in my mouth? Mama’s mouth? My brother’s mouth? What’s that loud sound over there? What if I smack this toy to oblivion? What’s that deliciousness on my mom’s fork and can I try to put it in my mouth? Is there anything that doesn’t fit in my mouth?”

9. Tote-ability. SIX loves to go out and be toted around pretty much anywhere. Makes for a great shopping buddy!

10. Growth. SIX is healthy and growing like crazy. Sometimes I think she grows overnight, literally. Her onesies get stretched to the end and pants get a little short–guess it’s time to go shopping!


I thank God that we have been allowed to be her parents!


Have a great week!

-The {growing} Costellos

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