Sleepless in Iowa

I sit outside on my porch at 6:30am this lovely late spring Saturday morning, watching my 3 year old rollerskate in her pajamas.  Why? That’s a great question.



Most people are sleeping at 6:30am on a Saturday morning. But, most people also sleep at night. I am not one of those privledged people  some nights, and last night was one of them.

Here’s how we arrived at current situation:

Friday 8:30pm: G, L and  A are all in their own respective beds, asleep I presume. I shower and pick up around the house a little bit, then decide to go to bed.

9:30pm: I go to bed, poke my head in kids’ rooms just to hear their little breathing. In G and L’s room, a small voice says ‘Mom? I scared. There’s monsters on the wall.’  I go in and reassure Lucy that nothing is on the wall, and her big brother is in the same room so she will definitely be ok. I go to bed, thinking maybe I’ll only have to be up once, as we had a very active day outside and Amelia would for sure sleep well…..




11:20pm: I hear Amelia crying from her crib. I get up and fetch her in the dark, and lay down and feed her in our bed. I doze off.

1:15am:  I have to use the bathroom very badly so I rouse J enough to make sure Amelia doesn’t roll of the bed then run all the way downstairs and across the house to the bathroom. J sleeps like a rock and rarely wakes up at night unless I wake him. But since I’m nursing it’s usually me who has to do the work anyways.  I come back to bed and take about 10 mins to fall asleep.

2:20am: Amelia is awake again, in our bed. She is hungry, again. I’m so tired. I feed her again.  I’m halfway awake now so I put her into her rock’n’play bassinett next to the bed. I take about 15 more minutes to fall asleep.

3:30am: ‘Mom. Moooom. Mommmy!!!!!’ Now what!?  I hear a little voice coming from across the hall. I drag my tired bones out of bed and go to see. It’s Lucy. ‘Mommy! I have to go potty!’ I tell her let’s go and she practically launches out of bed. I hold her hand as we walk down the stairs and across the house again as I know she will surely trip in the dark and without her glasses on. In the bathroom she wants to change her pajamas to put on ‘the pink ones’. No. We go back to bed and I re-start their music in their room and reassure her that  there are no monsters anywhere. I climb back into bed.

4:20am: Amelia is up AGAIN. I feed her AGAIN. She is just hungry!!!!  I am feeling very drained, literally and figuratively. I’m hoping this means she will sleep for another 2 hours.

5:40am: Amelia is crying from the bassinett. I lift her up and she has wet through the back of her diaper, onesie and into the bassinett. Awesome. I guess that’s what happens when you eat that many times overnight…..a diaper can only hold so much. I go and get a new diaper from her room and leave her laying in our bed and she screams for the 30 seconds I am gone. I return and put the new diaper on her and will her to fall back asleep. I’m spent. She lays there and grabs/scratches at me, kicks me like my legs are a trampoline and plays with my tank top strap. She’s so happy and I’m glad, but just tired. Mental note to clip her finger and toenails at a later time.

6:15am: I realize she’s not falling back asleep anytime soon. I grab Amelia, my phone and water bottle and tiptoe out of our room and down the stairs, hoping no one else wakes up. 3 steps from the bottle I hear Lucy talking about who knows what. I get down to the living room and change Amelia’s wet onesie–I put her in a super cute new outfit I picked up at my favorite consignment store yesterday, just because cuteness at least makes my exhaustion a bit more tolerable. As I’m dressing her I hear Lucy singing ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’ from Frozen at the top of the stairs.



I now know it’s all over.  No more sleeping for me. Lucy comes down and immediately finds her roller skates I also just bought her yesterday at my favorite consignment store. She is ADAMANT about wanting to try them out. I agree, partially because I don’t want to hear her whine, partially because I don’t want her to wake anyone else up, and partially because I’m too tired to care.

We venture outside and I help her put on  her shoes, skates, and helmet. Gabriel comes down, steps outside and announces that he is going to change his clothes and then will be out to play too.  I step in and now J is up too, completely unaware of the night that went on next to him all night, bless his heart.

So I sit here, at 6:30am on a beautiful Saturday in late May, watching my 3 year old rollerskate in her pajamas.

-The {sleepless} Costello(s)



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