Today, I am proud.

Tomorrow, June 11, 2014, my younger brother by 3 1/2 years will become a member of the United States Navy.  This is something Mitch has thought about doing for years, and has now decided to go for it.




He’s ready (I think). He had to quit his job.  He has sold or packed away all of his wordly possessions. We purchased his house. He found a new home for his dachshund.  His ’66 Mustang has been carefully stowed in my Mom and Dad’s storage sheds.  My Dad’s ’67 Mustang motor is running (a goal they had wanted to complete before Mitch left). We threw him a surprise going away party 2 weeks ago that he almost didn’t make it to.

Tomorrow Mitch will board a bus in Davenport which will take him to Des Moines.  He will then do whatever the Navy does with him, and then will board another bus to go to Chicago for his basic training.  After 8 weeks he will go to Pensacola, FL for his schooling.

My grandfather on my Dad’s side (now passed away) would be proud. He served in WWII in the Army and was an active member of the Legion in his town.

I am very excited for Mitch. I think he is setting a great example for our kids and young people everywhere, who one day may want to pursue a career with the military. I find it humbling that he wants to serve his country.

Today, I am proud.

Good luck Uncle Mitch!!!

Good luck Uncle Mitch!!!


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