G’s first blog

Gabriel turns 5 today, June 18.  I don’t have a virtual copy of his birth story, and I could go on for days about how much he has impacted our lives and how much I love him and how crazy he makes me sometimes and what an awesome person he is………….

So instead, I decided to let him write his own blog for his 5th birthday.  Below is what he wanted to tell you all about himself. Enjoy!

Cute little G!

Cute little G!

Gabriel is a really cool super robot guy.  My favorite color is blue.

When I’m five, I will climb trees all the way up to the top, because I am really brave.  When I am five, I will help my  Nana plant plants in the summer.  When I am five, I will ride my bike with no training wheels, and make stuff out of boxes, like robots, with electricity and stuff.  I will be bigger than any sisters. When I am five I will have a treehouse and it will be in California, where treehouses are. Matthew and me will build treehouses, and those trees don’t come down in storms. Matthew and us are really fast kind of friends!

When I grow up I will be: fast Green Lantern, really fast, faster than a cheetah

Favorite food: hot dogs and macaroni

Favorite game: tag

Favorite dream: I can be a superhero!

What I would like to do tomorrow on my birthday: carry the whole house and move it to California on the plane–then you guys can come to California!

What I will actually do tomorrow on my birthday: go to a waterpark and play in the water

Favorite friends: Matthew, Ian, Jayden, Justin, Jarrett. They are all superheros

Favorite insect: walking sticks because they can camoflauge, ants because they can carry so much stuff, heavy stuff just like us. But they cannot move a chair because it is so heavy!

Favorite animal: frogs

Favorite TV show: cowboys. And I like robot movies. Chicago Fire!

Favorite movie: Ninja turtles

Favorite clothes: Ninja shirts

Favorite person to hang out with: Dad, because I like playing with you! And doing piggyback rides, work on the house, sing songs, read comic books

Favorite book: Lego superheros, Magic Treehouse, Where’s Waldo

Favorite seasons: winter and summer

Someday I will have 21 brothers……..and 2 sisters. All my brothers will be in California. And some of them will be in the Navy treehouse.

I can make stuff out of boards. I can make robots out of boards and electricity. I am excited to be really bigger than my dad! When I grow up I will be huger than my Dad.

Today I: saw chickens, went to Nana’s, played with Ian, cutted the tree down, helped Papa carry tools, handed him tools, ate pizza, played with a bunch of toys–transformer toys and a bunch of toys.




-The {growing up too fast} Costellos


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