It’s just a carseat, right?

Today I said goodbye to a piece of equipment that has been a staple in my daily life for nearly 5 years. Today I said goodbye to our infant carseat.

Sounds dumb, right? Hear me out.

All 3 of our kids have used the same infant carseat.  We received the carseat and stroller combo as a gift at our baby shower before Gabriel was born.  Prior to that, I spent an obscene amount of countless hours researching, trying out, looking up reviews, and talking to other new parents about which carseat was the best, easiest to use, safest, and best looking (most important, not really!).

Then we had Gabriel. I remember watching Jeremiah carry the Baby G’s tiny little frame in that seat from our hospital room down to the car and latching him in.  That carseat became my new handbag. Where I went, it did too, carrying my precious baby boy. (I hadn’t yet learned the glorious art of babywearing 😉  )

Gabriel goes home


Fast forward less than 2 years and I can still see Lucy Lou and her even smaller body in that carseat, being carried down the elevator at a different hospital, out to a different, newer car.  The carseat was an addition to holding my toddler’s hand when we went out.

Lucy goes home

Fast forward another 2.5 years and it seems like just yesterday I latched Little Lady A (even smaller than Lucy) into the carseat and Jeremiah and I could not wait to bust out of the hospital that evening and get home with our other kiddlets. The carseat became the 3rd hand that I desperately sometimes needed; Gabriel was told to hold the carseat with one hand and Lucy’s hand with the other.  I had to keep them together somehow when it was just me and them!!

Amelia goes home

Amelia goes home

The carseat has safely carried all 3 of our babies all over; across the state, across the country, and a few times into the ditch when the weather wasn’t so good.  It rocked the babies to sleep when we were away from home. It was the only place G would sleep when he was congested at night as a baby. It underwent coutless rounds of washing, disinfecting, and cleaning. It became a favorite play item for L as of late; her own personal rocker.


But it’s not just getting rid of a carseat.  It’s signifying the end of yet another of our babies’ infancy’s.  And that’s what gets me. All things come to an end, including my babies being babies.

However, carseats expire, and as much of a sentimental value as I might place on it, they eventually have to be replaced.  This last week Amelia had 2 nasty diaper blowouts in the carseat while we were out at a local park.  I decided to call it the end.  The seat expired Sept 2014.  I loathed the idea of taking the whole thing apart to wash the cover, then reassambling only to use maybe for another month. So, I said goodbye and almost shed a tear as I put it out with the recycle.

I know, I know, put on your big girl pants and get over it.

And it’s just a carseat, right?

Lucy, freshly baptized 🙂

-The {a bit sentimental} Costellos

Bad Mama Day

Let’s cut to the chase.

Any other mom’s out there with multiple little ones ever feel like they are living in a trench? You keep digging and digging and digging, but never really see the light at the end? It’s dirty, it doesn’t always smell good, and you are never clean? And the work never seems to lighten or give way? You feel abused. And like all you ever do is shout orders, no matter how many times you tell yourself to be calm, collected and all that stuff? Yeah. Today, I had one of those days.

I think as moms we all have our ups and downs. Today, we had a lot of downs. Mouthy and backtalking 3 year old who would not listen to save her princess doll’s life. Baby who has become very viscious over the past few weeks….biting, scratching, yanking hair, pinching (hard!), drawing blood, screaming. Baby who wakes right as I’m going to bed at night, as well as overnight. 5 year old who repeatedly disobeys and instigates fights and injuries. Baby who napped only 1/2 of her regular time, and you could tell. 3 year old who only napped 45 minutes. 5 year old who didn’t nap, and desperately needed one. Baby who screams at the top of her lungs if I get more than 5 steps away from her. No joke. Sticky honey water spilled all over the carpet after I just said to make sure it didn’t get spilled. The endless fighting. And crying. The gluesticks stuck to the carpet. The incessent crying when I announce it’s bathtime. Complaining about what they get to watch on TV for the 10 minutes before bathtime. Yelling as G repeatedly runs with scissors (really?!). Hearing ‘we’re not hungry’ after I just spent 2 hours making dinner. Using a new cup every single time they want something to drink *pet peeve*. Breaking up fights.constantly. Clothes torn off the clothesline defiantly. Running around screaming like a maniac (them, not me). Refusing to buckle their seatbelts (guess what? car doesn’t move without them buckled). Losing the pacifier again.and.again. Throwing water balloons at heads when I just said not to. Dirtying 3 pairs of clothes apiece for no particular reason.

After I got all the kids to bed tonight I was trying to finish cutting up a ham that I had started around, oh, noon. I sliced right into my finger and blood started gushing. %&*@!*$. That’s it. I’m going to bed. I glanced at my phone and read a post on one of my Catholic moms groups about how this mom wanted prayers/advice…the mom had just shouted and yelled at her toddler, hit a ‘mom low’ and broke down crying. I thought “I hear ya, girl. Right there with ya”. Only I wasn’t crying and just wanted a shower!

I always see this family at church that has 7 kids. I think that is awesome. The kids are well behaved, nice looking and the family seems to be overall happy. Granted they are older than mine, much older. Honestly, I would love to be that family some day, in some way. Then I have a day like today, and I wonder how the heck I am ever going to get to 4, let alone 7. Some days I feel like I lose the energy or light to parent 3. Then some days I feel like I got it goin’ on and I got this mom thang’ like nobody’s business.

When I have a day like today, I usually feel dumb about it (if G or L were listening, they would be correcting me, because ‘dumb’ is a bad word in our house…whoops). Like really, is there nothing else worse in the world than your 3 year old mouthing off or your infant rabidly scratching your arms to pieces? Of course there is! We all know that! But I still feel like my feelings are valid, no matter how insignificant in the world. So, I try to take it in stride. And really, I should be thankful for those 3 wonderful blessings that we have been entrusted with raising. I think of all the families that wish for children so badly, and cannot have any. And then the baby wakes up screaming bloody murder. *sigh*

Any other moms of multiple littles with me? If not, guess I’m just crazy. And it’s totally possible 😉 I guess we all have our good and bad days, and the good usually {hopefully} outnumber the bad. I enjoy my kids to no end and will love them forever. But some days, are just not good mama days.

Thanks for listening. I just needed to vent. Now I’m going to bed 😉

-The {hair pulling} Costellos


I’ve fallen off the blog wagon.

I know everyone’s busy in the summer, but this summer has been B-U-S-Y for us! I’ve had numerous blogs I’ve wanted to write and never got around to. Having 3 kids and working part time really puts a wrench in it! I really enjoy blogging and writing and really would like to get on a more consistent schedule with posting. Someday…..But here’s what I’ve wanted to blog about for the past month, all written into one. Here goes:

I had a birthday! I’m now entering the last year of my 20’s. Sad, but true, but really, it’s only a number to me. But I am starting to feel older. I’m now being plagued by mostly physical things that I normally hear about only from my patients…..shoulder tendonitis in the right, shoulder pain in the left; plantar fasciitis in the right foot, heel spur in the left; an uncanny cracking in my feet and ankles every morning when descending the stairs; a lot of instability in my low back. Yeah, I’m going somewhere in that handbasket…… But on a good note, my birthday was phenomenal! J and I took our kayaks out to a lake east of here for several hours while Nana graciously watched the kiddos for us. We grabbed lunch at 100 Montaditos, a new ‘flavors from Spain’ place in the QC that was great! A few days later we had a get-together at my parents with everyone except Mitch, which leads me to my next talking point…..

Mitch has been doing awesome at boot camp. I mean awesome! He’s got almost a perfect score on whatever scoring system they rank the recruits and already passed all of his physical and academic stuff. Something like a 4.93 out of 5 he told me. My parents got a letter that he was even chosen as the ‘Honor Recruit’ for his division of over 80 men (a surprise he still doesn’t know about-shhhhh) that comes with special honors and distinction at his graduation, which was scheduled for this Friday, Aug 8. This past Sunday, Aug 3, he was admitted to the hospital for a bacterial infection in his cheek. It was kind of serious and he underwent 48 hrs of IV antibiotics to get rid of the infection and is now doing oral antibiotics. You can see where this is going…..Mitch has to stay an extra week or 2 at boot camp due to missing the last few crucial days with his division. Bummer. We still don’t know his exact graduation now, but do know he is out of the hospital. The only good thing that came out of it was that he had a free phone in his hospital room and we all got to chat several hours with him 🙂 He’s a tough guy.

The house is coming along….slowly. The electricians have been in and wired the whole first floor in 3 days. J wired all the HDMI and coax cables for entertainment systems and our e-desk. Windows are ordered and should be in sometime this week, along with some specialty ducting. J and co. are working on plumbing on the first floor (not my cup of tea, never has been). My upstairs laundry room/family closet is all plumbed. Once the plumbing and ducting are all in, we will have the entire first floor blown in with insulation. Kitchen cabinets are in the works. We’ve sold some of the vintage/antique wood and windows and doors that we originally removed from the house. So it’s getting there.

We (mostly the kiddos) are looking forward to fall and returning to a ‘normal’ schedule. Gabriel is signed up for 5 day a week preschool for several hours in the mornings, and Lucy is signed up for 2 day preschool in the mornings. Both are really looking forward to school, Lucy in particular. She is such an assertive social butterfly. She picked out her backpack this weekend and it’s all we hear about. Pretty sure she won’t be the shy one in class. Gabriel is going to do soccer this fall (5 Sunday afternoon games) and maybe flag football after that for another 5 wks, and Lucy is going to do ballet ( 4 months of Saturday morning classes). I’m not a big fan of overscheduled kids that are in EVERYTHING from the age of 3, so we let them pick one thing at a time as far as sports/lessons and we can reasonably afford and fit into our family schedule. We’ll see how it goes. G and L will also both be in preschool Sunday school at our church. J goes back for teaching school on Aug 13. As much has he has enjoyed his time off this summer, he’s ready to go back. He really, really enjoys his job and the diverse students that he works with. And he’s very good at it!!

J and I celebrated our EIGHT year wedding anniversary on July 22! Where did that time go?! As we do every year on our anniversary, we watched our ‘wedding highlight video’, as we like to call it. I actually didn’t tear up this year so we are making progress. So fun to reminisce about our wedding day and how far we’ve come since then. The kids always watch the video with us and this year kept asking where they were. Ummmmm…how to explain to 3 and 5 year olds?

I ran the Bix 7 in right at 60 minutes. Not my fastest and not my slowest, but not too bad for me and my post-3-babies-and-almost-30-years-old-body-that-only-runs-two-or-three-days-a-week. I did manage to do the 250-ft slip’n’slide at the turn around too. So worth it! J and the kids cheered me on from the sidelines. I’ve run that race 10 times now (I think) and still enjoy it.

Lucy had another followup xray for her broken arm. The xray showed good healing and she was released from her sling. I had to laugh as I had caught her the week before that hanging from a basketball hoop in the pool and doing pushups on the ground with her sling on. Pretty sure it’s not giving her pain anymore, and the sling was hampering her dress-up ability. We do still have to be careful with it, however, as if she falls on it she will re-fracture it and we will be back to square one. We go back again at the end of August to see if the bone cyst has filled in any more and then will be determined if she has to see a pediatric orthopedist. Hope not…..

Last weekend J and his brother, along with Gabriel took a road trip to Kansas to visit a friend of his. They were gone 4 days. The girls and I packed up and went to see Aunt Mel in Des Moines too. We had a great weekend of farmer’s market, swimming, shopping, pedicures, good food and family. I even got a workout and post-workout swim in! Aunt Mel has just started a new job in a new, much smaller town, so we helped her begin to move some of her things there as well. Lucy cried as we ended our ‘girls weekend’ so I know it was a good time! The boys had a good time in Kansas too 🙂

In our *spare* time in the last month, we went to a pool birthday party, went to the Mississippi Valley Fair, competed in Kiddie Cattle Capers (Costello’s won it!!), went swimming, had some playdates, Amelia got really close to crawling, I mentored a student at work for 6 weeks, Amelia turned 8 months old, slept through the night for TWO nights in a row and also cut 4 more teeth!

That’s all for now, folks!

– The {trying to keep up} Costello’s