It’s just a carseat, right?

Today I said goodbye to a piece of equipment that has been a staple in my daily life for nearly 5 years. Today I said goodbye to our infant carseat.

Sounds dumb, right? Hear me out.

All 3 of our kids have used the same infant carseat.  We received the carseat and stroller combo as a gift at our baby shower before Gabriel was born.  Prior to that, I spent an obscene amount of countless hours researching, trying out, looking up reviews, and talking to other new parents about which carseat was the best, easiest to use, safest, and best looking (most important, not really!).

Then we had Gabriel. I remember watching Jeremiah carry the Baby G’s tiny little frame in that seat from our hospital room down to the car and latching him in.  That carseat became my new handbag. Where I went, it did too, carrying my precious baby boy. (I hadn’t yet learned the glorious art of babywearing 😉  )

Gabriel goes home


Fast forward less than 2 years and I can still see Lucy Lou and her even smaller body in that carseat, being carried down the elevator at a different hospital, out to a different, newer car.  The carseat was an addition to holding my toddler’s hand when we went out.

Lucy goes home

Fast forward another 2.5 years and it seems like just yesterday I latched Little Lady A (even smaller than Lucy) into the carseat and Jeremiah and I could not wait to bust out of the hospital that evening and get home with our other kiddlets. The carseat became the 3rd hand that I desperately sometimes needed; Gabriel was told to hold the carseat with one hand and Lucy’s hand with the other.  I had to keep them together somehow when it was just me and them!!

Amelia goes home

Amelia goes home

The carseat has safely carried all 3 of our babies all over; across the state, across the country, and a few times into the ditch when the weather wasn’t so good.  It rocked the babies to sleep when we were away from home. It was the only place G would sleep when he was congested at night as a baby. It underwent coutless rounds of washing, disinfecting, and cleaning. It became a favorite play item for L as of late; her own personal rocker.


But it’s not just getting rid of a carseat.  It’s signifying the end of yet another of our babies’ infancy’s.  And that’s what gets me. All things come to an end, including my babies being babies.

However, carseats expire, and as much of a sentimental value as I might place on it, they eventually have to be replaced.  This last week Amelia had 2 nasty diaper blowouts in the carseat while we were out at a local park.  I decided to call it the end.  The seat expired Sept 2014.  I loathed the idea of taking the whole thing apart to wash the cover, then reassambling only to use maybe for another month. So, I said goodbye and almost shed a tear as I put it out with the recycle.

I know, I know, put on your big girl pants and get over it.

And it’s just a carseat, right?

Lucy, freshly baptized 🙂

-The {a bit sentimental} Costellos

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